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Episode 280 of the Trading Justice podcast will feature a discussion on Inverted Butterflies. Volatility from earnings can be tough but there are trades to use. An inverted butterfly is one of them. Coach Matt Justice along with Tim Justice go into great detail on how to set up such a trade during earnings using TSLA as the example. This week was a little different with Cody Maki guest producing with us. We have a game called “Analyze That” where Matt and Tim try to figure out what Analysts have said about 4 different stocks. Matt and Tim debate on who won. But only one of them took the crown in this week’s segment. Something for everybody in episode 280!

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Episode 279 of the Trading Justice podcast will feature a discussion on short strangles. While the water is a bit murky with earnings season underway, volatility trading is a must. Coach Matt justice along with Tim justice go into great detail on how to capitalize during a market with uncertainty and volatility in the forecast. This week was extra special to us, Clown of the Week is back. We scoured the Internet and found three clown worthy individuals for this weeks segment. Something for everybody in episode 279, enjoy! 


Intro: Tim Justice 

3:15: Featured Presentation 

45:48:  Coaches Mailbag

56:45: Clown of the Week 


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Futures trading is not for the faint of heart. It is a very leveraged product that could have you sitting in the shade, or burn you like a day at the pool with no sunscreen. On episode 278 of the trading justice podcast, we invite a friend of the show, Mr. Grant Larsen. Grant does the stock report at Tacke Trading and also dabbles in futures trading. In addition, we bring you a Tackle Trading Half Time report. So, stay tuned for an outstanding episode with some very important announcements.

Intro: Tim Justice

3:12 Half Time Report

46:15: Feature Presentation 

1:02:45: Coaches Mailbag 

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Episode 277 of the Trading Justice podcast features the concept of system design. Host Matt and Tim Justice invite system designer Greg Holmes to talk about the how to discuss what system design is, the benefits of it and how to enhance your systems with dividends. In this episode we also introduce a new segment IPO watch. Your hosts will dissect a few IPOs and see where there might be potential opportunity waiting. From system development, to Uber and Lyft, episode 277 of the Trading Justice podcast has something for everyone. Enjoy!

Intro: Tim Justice 

Market Skyline:  2:25 

Featured Presentation: 38:48

IPO Watch: 1:11:15 

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Today on the Trading Justice podcast we have the author of the book “The Wanderers Curse,” Jacob Pelley. Jakob is a long-time trader and a member of the Legacy Education Hall of Fame. He also writes fantasy novels. Today we talk about how Financial education give individuals freedom to chase their dreams. A very special episode with some very special folks, so enjoy episode 276 of the Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Tim Justice

1:51: Market Skyline

33:18: Featured Presentation

53:47: Coaches Mailbag

1:04:26: Hold My Beer

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