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Steve Mnuchin did his best impersonation of The Grinch and stole all the hope from bulls this Christmas Eve. On this episode of the Trading Justice podcast we discuss Steve Mnuchin and the Plunge Protection Team and why a man vacationing in Cabo San Lucas could send the markets down hundreds of points on Christmas Eve with the utterance of just a few words. On this day before Christmas we also analyze the greatest Christmas movies of all time, debate whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie and play of a game of “Who Dat” where the Justice brothers try to guess if certain quotes were uttered by Trump or Obama. Sit back with your egg nog and mistletoe and join us for Episode 301 of The Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Tim Justice

1:56: Feature Presentation

4342: Burning Question

1:02:38: Who Dat?

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This week’s podcast is a milestone for Trading Justice as we have reached Trading Justice episode 300! We have a special show for you this week as the Justice brothers react to the most recent Fed meeting and talk about short-term and long-term ramifications for the market. In addition, Noah Davidson and Gino Poore join Matt and Tim to go over their 2018 predictions to see who was right, who was wrong and what were the best and worst predictions made by the coaches in 2018. Episode 300 is insightful and certainly entertaining so sit back enjoy this milestone episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

  • 2:00 Thanks for 300
  • 13:30 Fed Talk
  • 42:00 2018 Prediction Reviews
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In episode 299 of the Trading Justice podcast Matt and Tim are joined by Producer Cody to discuss the movie Boiler Room during the Shooting the Bull segment. The movie was released in 2000 and paints a bleak picture of some of the Trading Room's during that period of time. The crew discuss their favorite scenes, characters and trading take-away's from the film.

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Today on episode 298 of the Trading Justice podcast your hosts Matt and Tim discuss the time-tested concept of value investing. Many of the “all-stars” of value investing are discussed along with a discussion on how value investing differs from growth investing. In addition, the ever-popular segment “Hold My Beer” is back along with another week of scintillating mailbag questions. Episode 298 is sure to bring serendipity to your life, enjoy!

Intro: Tim Justice

2:11: Feature Presentation

38:06: Coaches Mailbag

54:40:Hold My Beer



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