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In this episode, the boys are back to make their predictions for 2020.  One of our favorite traditions on the show is to project what we think could happen in the next year when we get to the beginning of a new year.  What will happen in the stock market?  Which sector will be strongest?  Crude Oil?  Gold?  The Dollar?

Making a projection for any instrument a full year in advance is an exercise in educated guessing, and we always say 'this is really hard this year' for a reason.  But, we do it anyway!  And, we have some fun while we make our educated guesses.

Tune in to hear Matt, Tim, Noah and Gino give their predictions, analysis and insight in this fun and lively podcast.  Coach Mark also has a lot of random questions at the end asking for predictions in sports, pop culture, movies and politics.  


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In this episode, all of the coaches of Tackle Trading join us to review the predictions they made to start the year.  In ep. 302, Coach Matt, Tim, Noah and Gino gave their predictions on what they thought would happen in Stocks, Gold, FAANG stocks, the Dollar, Oil and lots of fun and random topics. 

How did they fare?  Well, Coach Mark will let them know and give out either Volcker (good) or Bernanke's (bad) as we review those predictions and have some fun talking about all of the action in the markets in 2019. 

It was an interesting year, and a very bullish year for risk on investors.  Making predictions is always a difficult thing to do, especially when you're looking to the full next year, but we had some right, some horribly wrong, and we laugh and talk about all of it during this enjoyable podcast.

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the Boomerang Trading Strategy.  A powerful strategy for cash flow, the Boomerang Trade involves selling naked puts on stocks and ETF's that a trader is willing to own, collecting credits, and then if assigned 100 shares per 1 short put contract, turning around and then selling Covered Calls against those shares.  It is a complete system and wonderful approach to trading.  We invite you to listen in and hear the coaches thoughts on this technique.

Before that, we discuss recent events and market action during our Market Skyline.  The major stories have revolved around the Federal Reserve not changing interest rates and the US/China Trade war getting some positive traction in the discussions.  Stock prices are very bullish on the news this year, and we're pushing into all time highs.  Will it continue?  Get our full analysis during this popular segment.

Lastly, we review how our NFL picks have fared so far this year.  We love football, and the boys picked teams earlier in the year in to see how many wins they could accumulate.  We have some fun talking football and the NFL season, it's a segment you're sure to enjoy.

1:52 Market Skyline

51:05 Boomerang Trade

1:23:09 NFL Game Update

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In this episode, Lane Mendelsohn from Vantage Point Software joins us for a conversation about trading, software, artificial intelligence and more.  Lane Mendelsohn, President of Vantagepoint AI, has been involved in the financial industry for over 25 years. Vantagepoint, founded by Lane’s father Louis (Lou) Mendelsohn, was the first software company to develop the first artificial intelligence trading software in the world available to retail investors and traders.  Listen into our interview of Lane and get some insights he has on today's markets.

Before that, we review all of the market action in our Skyline.  Stocks have been bullish the last few months.  Will the run continue?  Hear our thoughts about the state of price action and a tribute to Paul Volcker, the ex Fed Chair, who recently passed away.

Lastly, we take questions from our mailbag across a variety of topics including how to get started in trading, how to trade on the last day of expiration, which delta a trader should use if they use weekly's and lastly a fun question from Quora about what songs are good to Karaoke.


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In this episode, Coach Emily, Noah, Mark and Tim discuss how to manage call options in the Covered Call, Poor Boys Covered Call and Bear Call Spread strategies.  Entering a good trade is easy, managing a trade to profit is the hard part.  Listen into the coaches for insight into how they approach these different strategies and some tips on how to manage call options in each different strategy.

Before that, Mark and Tim discuss the current market conditions during our market skyline.  Stocks are pulling back in response to trade war news, will it continue? Get our full analysis and insight during this popular segment.

Lastly, we answer questions from our community during our coaches mailbag section. Some of the questions include a Hall of Fame traders weekly routine and how to respond to winning big during nice moves in the market.

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In this episode, we discuss the different styles of traders including Delta, Theta and Vega.  Trading well requires rules.  Every trader needs to build a playbook with rules, and a style that fits their objectives, capital and personal strengths.  Matt, Tim, Mark and Noah discuss their personal favorite types of trading as well as some of the strategies they prefer to use within that style.  Listen in for insight into an important topic for any trader.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline.  Recent headlines regarding the Trade War have kept traders positive and bullish as markets are near all time highs.  Should you have faith in the news?  If so, what stocks or sectors are the best places to play bullish?  We analyze all of the important information and break down the strength in Health Care, Technology, Industrial's and Financials and give our take on these questions.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game for the boys regarding which holidays are most popular to send holiday cards on.  Christmas is the most popular holiday to send a card for most people, which holidays come in after that?  Which holidays do you send a card to someone on?  Join us for some laughs and fun.  

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In this episode, we welcome Silvia Cooke to the podcast to discuss trading, mindset, her journey through two decades of market conditions and more during our feature presentation.  Silvia is a trader, a coach, an investor and someone who has been trading the markets since 1997.  Originally, she focused on directional trading, and over time has adapted to different market conditions and opportunities to trade cash flow strategies using tactics in the options market like Naked Puts and Covered Calls.  Silvia has a lot of wisdom to share with our audience and we know you’ll get a lot of value out of this interview. 

Before that, the team dissects the markets during our Market Skyline.  Third quarter earnings are mostly finished, while the S&P 500 is heading to its worst quarter from an earnings perspective since 2016, stock prices have been on fire and rallying.  Will the rally continue?  Much of that depends on the Trade War, Interest Rate policy and Investor sentiment as we head into the last of the year.  Listen in for all of our analysis during this popular segment.

Lastly, the team plays a game where they guess which hobbies are most popular around the world.  Tim, Matt, Silvia and Emily all participate in this fun segment cooked up by Coach Mark.  Will Tim break his losing streak?  Listen in to find out.

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The Tackle Trading team has recently returned from the Trader's Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, and wanted to share their experiences on this podcast.  In this episode, Tim, Noah, Emily, David, and Silvia share their insights into what they saw and learned at the expo.  If you have never been to a trading convention, it is truly interesting to hear what happens when like-minded individuals meet.  

Before the discussion, Mark, Noah, and Tim analyze the markets during our Market Skyline segment.  Is the trade war resurfacing or is it just news chatter?  Listen in to get our analysis across stocks, commodities, sectors, and seasonality during this popular segment.

Lastly, the team plays a game where they have to pick what the worst thing to lose is out of your Wallet, Keys, and Phone.

1:35 Market Skyline

22:40 Feature Presentation

1:00:53 Game Time

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In episode 346 of the Trading Justice podcast we discuss how to trade breakouts of resistance levels. The markets are hot right now setting all-time highs and recently broke out of a clear resistance level. How do traders tackle this situation and how do they trade it? There are numerous ways to approach breakouts and we try to cover all the angles from entry to confirmation in this episode. We invited Emily Muiruri and Noah Davidson to discuss this very relevant topic that likely will influence how you approach this situation now and in the future.

Matt also breaks down the STEP System approach to breakouts. Breakouts are one of the go-to strategies many traders wait for. Well, the wait is over as a clear breakout has occurred on the broad markets and Matt in the episode goes over his breakout STEP System approach to this situation.

To close out the podcast we play a game centered around Guinness World Records. There are certainly some strange records out there. See if you can out guess the coaches in this light-hearted segment.

1:00 Market Skyline

35:45 Bullish Breakout

1:08:20 Game Time

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, we are going to discuss Seasonality and Sector Rotation.

Seasonality is a fascinating subject that comes into play constantly. With the markets hitting their all-time highs in addition to entering their “seasonal” best time we thought it a very appropriate subject.

For this episode, we brought in Coaches Noah Davidson and Gino Poore to discuss this topic. Oil, natural gas, stocks…all were discussed.

With Matt and Tim absent this week there was no chance for them to compete in our weekly game, but the show must go on. What were the most searched for Halloween costumes in 2019? Did Gino and Noah know? Tim will have wished he was here competing in this one.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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In this episode, Matt and Tim announce the launch of the Tackle Trading Playbook.  Building a playbook is an essential step in a trader's journey.  Whether you use Delta, Theta or Vega needs to be defined by the trader.  Listen in as we discuss the new playbook launch, what components need to go into a strategy and how you can benefit from using it.

Before that, we analyze corporate earnings, the Trade War, Brexit and other news during our market skyline.  Stocks have been holding in a range in recent weeks as companies have started to report Q3 earnings.  Will the market breakout on mixed fundamental data?  We shall see, but, in the meantime we will continue to analyze as we always do by focusing on price action.

Lastly, the coaches answer questions during our mailbag segment.  How do you overcome the fear of trading when you're new?  What is the most important characteristic of a successful trader?  How do index settlement prices effect your plan on the Thursday night or Friday morning of expiration?  We answer all of these questions during this popular segment.  

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In this episode, we are joined by Steve Burns for a conversation about trading.  Steve is a trader, investor, educator and author.  He's spent the last 20 years studying the stock market and is now passing his knowledge on to others.  We talk about how to survive and thrive as a trader as well as the proper mindset a beginner needs to do so.  He wrote the book New Trader, Rich Trader as well as Rich Trader 2: Good Trades, Bad Trades.  You will enjoy the interview and conversation.  

Before that, the boys analyze the markets during our Market Skyline.  The major headlines have been dominated by the Trade War, The Fed and the anticipation of earnings season in October.  Get all of our analysis and our opinions during this popular segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has another game lined up for Matt and Tim.  It's the Birthday Game, where he asks what age people are and Matt and Tim have to guess.  Will this be the week that Tim finally gets a win?  Tune in to find out.

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In this episode, we have a full panel to discuss the book ‘Aftermath’ by James Rickards. This book is the 4thin a series by the author that examines the state of economics today after the financial markets crisis forced bankers to drop interest rates drastically and print money to inflate asset prices. We discuss Rickards secrets of wealth preservation in a coming crisis during the panel and add our opinions on the matter. If you’re an investor you will want to build a plan for the upcoming economy and the potential volatility. Should you adopt Rickards barbell strategy where you invest in Gold, Silver, Land, Hard Assets, Treasuries and Cash? Or will you build your own portfolio design? That’s up to you, but you’ll love the discussion from the coaches on this book.

Before the book discussion, Mark and Tim review the current market conditions during our Market Skyline. Stocks are volatile but range bound, Commodities have been under short term pressure, with better signals on longer time frames, The FED is constantly dominating news headlines and Trade War risk persists. But, the main story line in October might be Q3 Earnings Season where companies will start reporting numbers. Can the market break out? Will it break down? Get all the analysis during this weekly segment.

Finally, we play a game of ‘Bracket Challenge’ where thy boys decide on which fast food item, they would pick in a tournament style challenge. This segment is heavily influence by coach Mark’s obsession with the McRib and McDonald’s bringing the item back recently.

2:10 Market Skyline
21:30 Aftermath
1:27:15 Fast Food Bracket

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In this episode, we teach the Poor Boy’s Covered Call. PBCC’s are a good strategy to use when you want to build cash flow by selling call options, and you like the idea of trading a covered call, but you don’t have the necessary capital to buy 100 shares on a stock. Think of them as leveraged covered calls. It involves buying a long-term call option and then selling a short-term call option. This is a great strategy, and one you’re going to want to learn.

Before that, we review the markets during our skyline. Trade war news, economic indicators, federal reserve speak, and the end of the quarter are all impacting price action right now. Get our analysis on all the above as we break down the charts and the news for you. Lastly, Mark has a game where Matt and Tim must guess whether a quote came from a politician or a football coach. Will Tim break his losing streak? Tune in to find out

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In this episode, we are joined by Father Guido Stockaducci, a.k.a. Noah Davidson, to hear about some of the confessions he’s heard from traders who’ve broken their rules. Have you over-leveraged your account? Have you broken your rules? Ever traded without a stop-loss? You may share some of the same sins as the rest of us, and we discuss them in a fun light-hearted segment.
Before that, we discuss the global economic slowdown (i.e. recession coming in Europe), the Fed repurchasing program, Monetary Policy and the never-ending story of the Trade War during our Market Skyline. Each week, we break down the news and the charts you need to know about so that you can get the analysis you need to understand what is happening out there.
Lastly, we answer questions from our audience in our Student Mailbag segment. How should a trader use the stock candidates from the Options Report? What type of order is best when trading options with contingent price conditions? Why isn’t oil getting back to 2018 levels? Listen in for the answers from the coaches to these questions
1:59 Market Skyline
40:12 Father Stockaducci
1:09:10 Coaches Mailbag
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In this episode, we discuss Black Swan events. Over the weekend, a coordinated drone attack on Saudi oil facilities sent the price of oil skyrocketing. Is it a Black Swan event? Black swans are extremely rare with severe consequences. It cannot be predicted beforehand. These events can cause catastrophic damage to an economy. We discuss this event, and whether it was or was not a Black Swan and then we discuss the overall approach a trader should take when thinking about Black Swan events. The term was popularized by Nassim Taleb. He argued that they are impossible to event, but it is important for people to always assume a Black Swan event is a possibility and to plan accordingly. Examples of Black Swans include the Financial Market crisis in 2008,the 9/11 attacks, Brexit andthe 2001 Dot Com Bubble crash.

Before we get into the feature presentation, the team discusses the current market conditions during our Market Skyline. We review the price action in stocks, commodities, currencies and the news surrounding the markets and give you guys our full analysis.

Lastly, we play a game of ‘Five Quick Takes’ where Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim to react to 5 recent stories in the news. Is brick and mortar retail dead? Should the market be at all time highs when we see economic weakness around the globe? Will marijuana stocks recover? Will the Trade War end during the Trump presidency? Are we hiding anything in Area 51? Listen in for some fun analysis and spirited discussion.

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In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Chris Blasi to discuss investing in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Chris is the President of Netpune Global and a veteran investor in the metal’s markets. He’s worked in financial services as a broker dealer, roles in wealth management and has extensive experience in the technology industry, specifically related to the financial services industry. We talk to Chris about the current run in metals, what he expects in the future, the problem with media coverage and traditional view on the Metals markets and more, including his take on Crypto Currencies. You’re going to love this value packed interview.Before that, Matt, Tim, Noah and Mark discuss the current market conditions during our Market Skyline feature. There has been positive news regarding the Trade War discussions between the US and China which gave stock prices a boost last week. The FED is gearing up for another interest rate cut in the next meeting. What does it all mean? We break it all down and give our opinions on the current state of the markets. Lastly, Mark asks the boys to answer questions that have no answer during our special segment.
0:58 Market Skyline
29:12 Chris Blasi
1:06:00 Random Game
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In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Tim,and Mark answer questions from our community in our Coaches Mailbag. Building a trading community is something we’re passionate about, and there’s no better way to help our listeners than to listen to them and answer their questions. We discuss investing mindset, rules from the STEP System and more during this value-packed segment.

Before that, we review the market conditions during our Skyline. The Trade War headlines dominated the month of August and the market moved back and forth. Will the volatility continue? How are the boys approaching stocks moving forward? Listen in to hear our takes. Lastly, we play a game where Mark lists out the top 10 video games by rank and Matt and Tim decide if the game is ‘worthy or not worthy’ of being on the list

Market Skyline 01:00

Coaches Mailbag 37:10

Worthy or Unworthy 1:03:00


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In this episode, we welcome Rob Embers to the podcast.  Rob is the CCO of Dionach, a cybersecurity expert and technology industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience.  He works with companies to build cybersecurity procedures and protection.  Listen in as we discuss the current state of cybersecurity, some of the biggest risks out there for individuals, companies and governments and what his advice is on how people can better protect their data and information.

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark discuss the latest developments in the financial markets during our Market Skyline.  Trade War rhetoric and news has been dominating markets the last week where one day it seems like the US and China are not making progress and then the next day, they are back at the negotiation table.  What should we expect next?  Aside from the Trade War, we had a significant speech from Jerome Powell last week on monetary policy at the Jackson Hole summit.  Powell admitted there is no ‘rule book’ in an environment like this but reiterated the fed will ‘act as appropriate to sustain the expansion’.  Mark and Tim also disagree on the risk in the Oil market and its outlook during a spirited point/counterpoint.

Lastly, Mark has a list of topics during our ‘Buy or Sell’ segment.  Will Apple outperform the market the next month?  Will the FED cut interest rates?  Are defensive sectors the best play in the market?  Will the economy move into a recession in the next 6 months?  Mark asks Matt and Tim to buy or sell these different outcomes and a few more during this fun segment.  This is a fun podcast, enjoy!

1:52 Market Skyline

47:30 Rob Embers Cyber Security

1:21:17 Buy or Sell the Headline

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In this episode, we welcome Greg Holmes to the podcast to discuss trading, investing and the current market conditions.  Greg is a coach at Tackle Trading, the author of the Rookie Corner blog, a veteran trader, a mentor for Legacy Education and a friend of the podcast.  Being a Canadian trader, Greg has a unique perspective.  We talk about volatility, risk, strategy, software, systems, setting goals and more during this value packed interview. 

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark review the markets during our skyline.  Stocks have been volatile and sensitive to trade talks, tariffs, the inverted yield curve and the expectations of the fed on how they’ll navigate these muddy waters.  Listen in to get our analysis. 

Lastly, we discuss fantasy football.  As the NFL season approaches, we are big fans of the sport and playing fantasy football in general.  We review some of our favorite players by value, draft strategy, and some of our players we will avoid by position and some we can’t live without.  Bonus get a few sleeper ideas for your upcoming drafts.

1:52: Market Skyline

41:10 Greg Holmes

1:13:08 Fantasy Football

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In this episode, the boys discuss the Naked Put strategy.  Selling puts is a bullish cash flow strategy.  A trader benefits as time passes, as implied volatility falls and as the stock goes up.  Listen in for some tips and tricks on how Matt, Tim, and Mark use Naked Puts including what delta’s they like to use, how much time they like to trade them in and general approaches to position sizing and risk assessment.

Before the feature, we discuss the broad markets during the weekly Skyline.  Stocks have been under pressure in August due to the trade war, international risk and general risk aversion from investors.  Will the selling continue?  Get our takes on the indexes, commodities and currency markets.  BONUS: we have a discussion on indicators and which ones we like and don’t.  It’s a fun segment, jam-packed with content.

Lastly, Mark has a game of ‘Fake or Real News’ for Matt and Tim to play where he has headlines he reads and asks the boys to answer if they think it’s Fake or Real news.  Here’s a headline: Tim breaks his podcast game losing streak!  Is it fake or real?  You’ll have to tune in to find out.

1:33 Market Skyline
44:38 Naked Put
1:20:00 Fake This

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In this episode, we bring Tyler Craig on for an interview.  Tyler is a contributor and coach at Tackle Trading and a frequent guest of the podcast.  Tyler writes the Tales of a Technician Blog, the Options Theory blog and regularly hosts webinars and creates scouting reports for the Tackle Trading community.  Listen in to the discussion between Tim and Tyler about a range of topics from market cycles, how to handle volatility, the proper role of insurance and more.

But first, in the Market Skyline, the team discusses the recent market action across equities, economic data, bonds, interest rates, gold, oil, and bitcoin.  Stock prices have sold off in the last week after the Federal Reserve lowered its base rate by 25 basis points, the trade war and currency war between the US and China has escalated and earnings season has had little impact.  Will the selling continue?  What is the impact of the Chinese Yuan being devalued against the US Dollar?  Listen in as we discuss these questions.

Lastly, Mark, Tim, and Matt pick their NFC teams in anticipation of the NFL season.  Last week we selected AFC teams, and this week we’re drafting the rest.  Football is one of our favorite past times so it’s simply fun to talk about the sport and project how we think these NFL teams will end up this season.  Who’s your favorite team?  Based on his recent record in podcast games, if Tim picked them, you might be in for a rough year.

1:42 Market Skyline

31:30 Tyler Craig

57:46 Drafting NFL NFC teams

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, we discuss the 4 steps to building a daily routine. Recently, we posted a blog on Tackle Trading that teaches you how to build your daily routine as a trader in 4 simple steps.

A Trader’s Daily Routine includes 4 steps:

  • 1st – Market Analysis
  • 2nd – Portfolio Management
  • 3rd – Enter New Positions
  • 4th – Continued Education

Read the full blog here:

Listen in as Matt and Tim Justice discuss each of these steps and explain how you should approach them.

Before that, Mark and Tim analyze stocks, commodities, news, and more during our Market Skyline. The Fed will meet this week on the economy and set interest rate policy. Will they cut 50 basis points? Or will they cut 25 basis points? Get our take, as well as more insight during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Mark, Matt and Tim pick the AFC teams that they believe will get the most wins. We draft 5 teams each, and the total wins at the end of the year of all 5 teams will determine the winner of this game. Can Tim finally win a game? We won’t know for 5 months, but it will be fun regardless to watch the NFL this year.

  • 00:00:00 - Intro
  • 00:02:07 – Market Skyline
  • 00:15:29 – Feature: How to build your Daily Routine in 4 Steps
  • 00:44:07 – Game: AFC Team draft
  • 00:58:50 – Outro
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In this episode, we welcome Hiro Ababon to the podcast. Hiro is a veteran of our community who started trading 3 years ago. He’s always been interested in investing, buying silver when he was 18 years old right after he joined the Navy. His family has deep roots in the military. His dad and mom met in the military in Japan. After coming to America, his stepdad spent 27 years in the Marine Corps. Hiro invested in jewelry companies, became a hard money lender and invested in rentals. At one point he had 48 rental units, a subway franchise, and other business interests. The 2008 crash forced him through bankruptcy. Being resilient, he never quit. He started his options trading business in 2016.

He said it best himself, describing his journey: ‘One of the incredible things about America is the ability to try new things and start over if need be.’ He’s spent time as an entrepreneur, an investor, a trader and in service of non-profit organizations. In August 2016, he attended a real estate investing seminar by Legacy Education which also offered stock market training. His original interest was to start his son Joshua in the business, but it’s evolved to where he’s doing it full time himself. The stock trading education is what he focused on and that’s what introduced him to Tackle Trading and put him on the current path he’s on. He is passionate about his family, his business interests and his ministry. This is an incredible person and an interview that you won’t want to miss.

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark review the current conditions in the financial markets in our Market Skyline. Stocks have been in an uptrend for some time now, but currently on a pullback. Will the trend continue, or will it correct? We discuss the technical, news and fundamental information across indices, currencies, commodities and more. Finally, we play a game of ‘Quote This’ where Mark reads quotes from companies and CEO’s and asks Matt and Tim if they can guess where they came from.

2:20 Market Skyline
25:30 Hiro Ababon
42:45: Name the Quote

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In this episode the boys are joined by Gino Poore.  Gino is a veteran trader, a coach at Tackle Trading and a mentor to new traders.  Gino trades all kinds of products including stocks, ETF’s, Futures, Options on Futures, Equity Options and Forex.  Listen in for some wisdom from the veteran trader about how to get started, what mistakes to avoid if you’re new and how he got good in the business. 

To begin with, we analyze the markets including stocks, currency, commodities and bitcoin in our market skyline segment.  Earnings season is upon us and the expectation from market analysts is to have a tough quarter.  Will the market keep rallying if companies disappoint on earnings?  Listen in as we discuss the potential outcomes.

Lastly, Coach Mark has 10 stocks that have earnings this coming week and asks the coaches to pick which one’s they would ‘Blind Bet’ to the upside, which ones they wouldn’t touch with someone else’s money and which one is a good volatility play.  Earnings are unpredictable, so this is a fun way to make some predictions on the events. 

00:01:32 Market Skyline

00:30:26 Feature Interview

01:02:50 Earnings Game

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In this episode, we welcome Jack Schwager to the podcast for a discussion on trading, writing and the current state of the markets.  He studied economics from Brooklyn College and Brown University receiving an MA and BA in those fields in the early ’70s then moving into the Futures markets as a researcher which led to his first publication in 1984 ‘The Complete Guide to the Futures Market’.

Mr. Schwager is most famous for his writing and publishing of The New Market Wizards series with the first of the series coming out in 1989 where he interviews some of the greatest traders in the world.    He’s written extensively regarding trading futures, hedge funds and conducted interviews of the great trader’s through his books.  Matt talks to Jack about some of the characteristics of the markets in the ’80s when he first published the book versus today in 2019.  Listen in to hear from one of the greats in our industry and a very knowledgeable trader and author. 

It is great to hear Matt interview Jack and learn from his experience and wisdom.  We know you guys are going to love this one.

After that, the boys discuss the broad markets during the Market Skyline.  Stocks are near all-time highs, Jerome Powell is on the hill this week to answer questions from Congress and we’re heading into earnings season.  Get our analysis during this popular segment.  Finally, we play the dirty dozen prediction game where Mark asks Matt and Tim to make simple binary predictions across different topics like where stocks will end in 2019, oil, gold and bitcoin as well as some fun topics.

2:10 Jack Schwager Interview

1:15:20 Market Skyline

1:39:40 Dirty Dozen Predictions

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In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Pete Thomas form Zaner Metals to discuss the current market conditions including what he sees in the metal’s markets, crypto currency and more.  Pete’s a favorite guest of the podcast, and this interview is a can’t miss.  Gold is one of the most popular products that our listeners trade, and any analysis from a lifetime veteran who’s traded the markets is going to be compelling. Listen in for his take on the future of crypto currency as well as Facebook’s new crypto. 

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark analyze stocks, commodities, currency and the news in the market skyline.  Will the recent rally in stocks continue?  What do the boys make of the recent pullback in gold?  Listen in as we break down the action during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we play a game where we project next years NBA action.  The NBA free agency has been active recently and there have been some big moves by the New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz and others.  Who do we see winning next year?  Listen in as we give our opinions.

1:30 Market Skyline

35:50 Pete Thomas

1:36:30 Game on NBA Free Agency

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In this episode, Coach Mark teaches his approach to a favorite cash flow strategy called the Boomerang trade.  The boomerang trade consists of selling naked puts and then covered calls in a cycle of cash flow. This is a simple and powerful approach to investing and trading.  Listen in as Tim asks Mark about his approach to this strategy as well as what types of candidates, he likes to trade the boomerang on.  Also, learn the risks of the boomerang trade, how to avoid some of the common traps new traders fall into. 

Boomerang trading is a great strategy for trading accounts as well as retirement accounts.  You’re going to love the simplicity of the approach, once you learn it. 

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark discuss the latest market conditions across stocks, commodities, currencies and more.  Stock markets have been moving higher after the recent commentary from the Federal Reserve regarding the economy and future interest rate policy.  Gold has rallied, Oil has been volatile, and bitcoin is above $11,000 again.  Listen in for all our analysis. 

Lastly, the boys play the All-Time High game where Mark pitches topics to Matt and Tim about movies, music, politics, and sports and asks them if they know what the All-Time high was for each topic.  Do you know what the most sold album of all time was?  How many touchdown passes were thrown in the All-Time high for one season? This is a fun segment, sit back and enjoy it!

1:30 Market Skyline

50:40 The Boomerang Trade

1:14:00 All Time High

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In this episode of the podcast, the team welcomes a familiar voice, Coach Noah Davidson, from Tackle Trading to discuss the Iron Condor Strategy.  Iron Condors are a limited risk, limited reward, neutral, cash flow options strategy designed to have high probability of profit when the underlying is range-bound within a certain price level.  It’s a great way to play neutral conditions and still generate positive cash flow.  Listen in as Matt and Noah discuss the philosophy, construction and rules behind this powerful trading strategy.

Before the feature, we analyze the key news and charts in our market skyline section.  The market has been stuck in a range as it’s waiting for clarity on interest rate policy from the Federal Reserve.  Oil has been under pressure, while gold has rallied as of late.  Will those trends continue?  Listen in for all of our opinions.

The boys also play a game of Locked In, which is a favorite on our podcast.  Lastly, we answer questions about put buying in an IRA as well as which strategies are best to develop monthly income from trading.

02:04 Market Skyline

38:14 Iron Condor

1:27:50 Locked In

Direct download: Trading_Justice_326_Iron_Condor.m4a
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In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Tim play a game called ‘square off’ where they debate 8 different topics and Mark decides on who won the argument.  Is the FED put in full force?  Will they cut rates at or near an all time high?  Is the trade war easing down?  Does oil have downside protection?  Where will the dollar and gold move next?  Have some fun listening into the coaches discuss these topics.

Before that, we analyze the markets in our Skyline piece.  The equity markets have been volatile and driven by the recent news regarding the trade war.  The jobs report came out last Friday with mixed information, and the market rallied.  Why?  Listen in and get our full analysis of what is happening across stocks, commodities, currency and economics.

Lastly, we take questions from our students during the coaches’ mailbag segment.  What is the best way to put a stop loss on an option trade?  How do you learn a complex platform like Interactive Brokers?  Will you invest in the ETF UFO which tracks companies tied to space exploration and expansion?  What should you do when you’re losing on a Covered Call?  Get all of our answers during this fun segment.

1:26 Market Skyline

42:45 Square Off

1:34:30 Coaches Mailbag


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Trading Justice 324 is a special one. Rarely do we have a guest who comes on who gets the Justice brothers to feverishly take notes and beg them to come back before the interview is over. That is exactly what we occurred in this episode of the podcast as we were honored to have David Keller on this week. David is a past president of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Association, recently served as a Subject Matter Expert for Behavioral Finance, been the Managing Director of Research at Fidelity Investments in Boston as well as a technical analysis specialist for Bloomberg in New York. David’s responses to a wide range of questions was illuminating to say the least. This guy is simply awesome and if you don’t walk away from listening to this interview learning at LEAST three things we will be amazed.

In addition, Mark and Matt breakdown the market and what it may look like in the month of June. June could be interesting, and the Justice boys have opinions on where the market is leaning this month. To close it off Mark has “the most handsome” Justice brother play a word association game on a wide variety of topics.

Sit back and enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to register for the S.T.E.P. System webinar scheduled for this Wednesday at 8:30 P.M at

1:00 Market Skyline

30:30 David Keller

1:17:00 One Word

Direct download: Trading_Justice_324.m4a
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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Tim, Matt, and Mark discuss the upcoming S.T.E.P. System. The S.T.E.P. System webinar will be held on June 5th at 8:30 pm EST. S.T.E.P. is an acronym that stands for Stop Loss, Target, Entry and Position Size. You should have delta trading in your portfolio design, and this is a great way to learn how to do it properly. Also, Mark and Tim break down the recent action in the markets. After our feature, we talk about some of the most popular acronyms out there in honor of the S.T.E.P. system.


  • Intro: Tim Justice
  • 01:48 Market Skyline
  • 29:12 Feature: S.T.E.P. - The Scouting Reports System 
  • 54:30 Popular acronyms
Direct download: Trading_Justice_323_STEP-The_Scouting_Reports_System.m4a
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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, we discuss the comedy from the 1980’s "Trading Places". Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy starred in this film about two people from different walks of life who find themselves taking the others place and point of view. It’s funny, it has a trading perspective and there are a lot of takeaways from the show. Listen in for the panel’s perspective on the iconic movie. Also, we break down the recent market action, we answer questions from the clubhouse, and wrap up the last episode of Game of Thrones.


  • Intro: Tim Justice
  • 01:51 Market Skyline
  • 24:09 Shooting the Bull: Trading Places
  • 01:36:50 Answering Clubhouse questions
  • 02:04:30 Game of Thrones 2019 contest wrap up
Direct download: TJ_Pod_Episode_322-Shooting_the_Bull-Trading_Places.m4a
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In this episode of the Podcast, Coach Noah Davidson joins the team to discuss the recent volatility in the markets.  Bearish trading is an important component of any trader’s playbook.  Shorting stock, buying puts, shorting futures and other strategies are all available to a trained and educated trader.  The boys discuss how to trade bearish, with some of their favorite strategies, products and tips for you to use. 

Before we get into the feature, we discuss the trade war, gold, oil and current market conditions during our Market Skyline.  2800 on the S&P 500 is a key level of support.  Will it hold?  Get our analysis and thoughts by tuning in.

We answer questions from the mailbag about UBER’s IPO, how to select the delta on long put option trading, the best way to learn TOS and how dividends might affect a company’s price.  Lastly, we give an update on our Game of Thrones prediction.  The biggest TV show out there has our attention right along with many others.  Spoiler alerts at the end, but if you’re a GoT fan, you’ll enjoy this last few minutes of the show.

Noah Davidson joins the team to discuss the recent volatility in the markets.  Bearish trading is an important component of any trader’s playbook.  Shorting stock, buying puts, shorting futures and other strategies are all available to a trained and educated trader.  The boys discuss how to trade bearish, with some of their favorite strategies, products and tips for you to use.  Market skyline, coaches mailbag questions and an update on our Game of Thrones predictions as well.

1:23 Market Skyline

26:50 Feature w Noah Davidson

58:50 Coaches Mailbag

1:11:30 Game of Thrones Contest Update


Direct download: Trading_Justice_321_Noah_Davidson.m4a
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In this episode of the podcast, Trader and Coach Gino Poore joins us for some fun and market insight.  First, we analyze the markets in our Skyline segment.  Stocks are showing impressive strength, even after more trade tensions between the US and China arose over the weekend.  Listen in to hear the coach’s thoughts on the current market conditions, and our expectations moving forward. 

During our Feature Presentation, we all identify the most common mistakes that new traders make.  From failure to trade planning, to a lack of journaling, we identify a bunch of these mistakes, that you can learn from.  Matt, Tim, Mark and Gino have over 60 years of combined trading experience, and we’ve seen a lot of traders start this journey.  This is a can’t miss segment.

Next, we play a game of Rank Them, where Coach Mark has found some headlines from the news and asks Matt and Tim to rank the importance of the headline from 1 to 10.  Lastly, Mark reads quotes from some of the past Federal Reserve chairs and asks Matt and Tim to identify who said the quote.  This was a fun podcast from start to finish!

1:50 Market Skyline

51:10 Gino Poore Rookie Mistakes

1:29:00 Rank the Headlines

1:47:45 Name that Quote

Direct download: Trading_Justice_320_Gino_Poor.m4a
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In this episode of the podcast, we start by analyzing the current market conditions.  Earnings season is half-way done, and we break down all the action across stocks, currency, commodities and economic indicators.  The NASDAQ is leading the market and heading for the best monthly gain since January up 5.4%.  Will tech continue to lead?  Tune in and get our analysis.

Our feature presentation is a deep dive on the Bullish Retracement pattern.  We focus on how to identify and qualify this trading pattern.  Primary qualifications include trend, liquidity, candle retracement guidelines, how to read a technical catalyst, identify signal candles and recognize confirmation candles.  This is a must listen, especially if you’re a delta/directional trader who is looking for guidelines on how to qualify your trades.

During our special segments, we bring back an old favorite ‘Clown of the Week’ where we nominate people who have excelled in doing something clown worthy.  Lastly, we update the team on our Game of Thrones predictions from last podcast after the recent episode.  We love the show!  And, this was an incredible episode if you are a GoT fan. 

1:10 Market Skyline

26:00 Bullish Retracements

1:05:30 Clown of the Week

1:25:50 GoT Death Bowl Update 

Direct download: Trading_Justice_319.m4a
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In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Tim break down the markets recent activity across stocks, commodities, currencies and more during the market skyline.  They discuss IPO’s upcoming earnings and Bitcoin’s recent rally. 

During the feature presentation, Mark brings 8 popular theories that pop up in the investing world about how and why the Stock Market might Collapse.  There is a sub-cultural and cottage industry on bloggers and writers predicting the doom of the stock market. This creates an environment and limits participants as many individuals not only feel their money isn’t safe in the markets but that the markets are likely to collapse at any time and leads to irresponsible financial decisions. Yet, the market keeps on chugging along. Matt and Tim give their opinions on whether there’s value in the theories or not. 

Next, Mark and Tim answer questions during our popular Coaches Mailbag segment regarding Netflix’s growth despite their burning cash, what technical analysis books to read for beginners and a surprise Quora question about Bitcoin.

Lastly, we love Game of Thrones, and this last episode was epic.  We discuss the upcoming expectations on who will live and die.  Matt has some strong theories, and interesting takes on what will happen in Winterfell.

Market Skyline: 1:40

Feature: Market Crash Theories: 41:20

Coaches Mailbag: 1:34:20

GoT Death Draft: 1:47:10

Direct download: Trading_Justice_318.m4a
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In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Tim welcome Slawomir Juraszek aka Slawek J.  Slawek was born and raised in Poland, came to the US in 2002, started trading in 2008 and is a professional day trader.  He’s a down to earth guy, family man and wonderful person.  Enjoy the interview and learn about the structured approach he has in his trading.  From his first trade in Ford stock, as a mechanic working for a Ford dealership, to now where he day trades for his living, it’s an incredible story and journey.

Before the interview, the boys break down the markets in the Market Skyline.  Earnings season is upon us, and although the volatility and action has been low the last few weeks, that should change soon.  Get our take on the markets across stocks, currency, commodities and more.

During our segments, we discuss Step 1 of the 7-step guide to trading.  The first step is to start at the top of the markets during your daily routine.  Matt and Tim talk about the importance of top down analysis for you as a trader.  Lastly, we rank 10 companies in the importance we see in their upcoming earnings reports.  Who are we excited about?  Who do we think will be a non-event?  Listen in and here our opinions about companies like Las Vegas Sands, United Health and Netflix.

1:45 Market Skyline

26:00 Slawomir Juraszek

54:04 Seven Steps

1:07:00 Rank Earnings

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In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Brandon Diaz to the show.  Brandon is engaging, inspiring and has depth.  You are going to love the interview we conduct, where Matt and Tim ask Brandon about his journey, from not doing well as a student, to joining the Military, and then becoming a Real Estate Investor.  Brandon specializes in many things, but he’s particularly skilled at no money down transactions, and how to get creative in solving problems between buyers and sellers in the Real Estate market.  He’s done a lot in his nearly 10 years investing, and we asked him to take some questions from our students during our Coaches Mailbag feature.  This is a CAN’T MISS interview. 

Before we interview Brandon, we discuss current market conditions in the Market Skyline.  Earnings season starts this week, stocks have been bullish, and so has Crude Oil and The US Dollar.  Will it continue?  The team analyzes the market action and gives you insight into what is happening out there.

At the end of the show, we have a fun discussion about the TV Show the Game of Thrones.  All of us love the show, here at Trading Justice, and we are eagerly anticipating Season 8 premiering this week.  Who will live?  Who will die?  Who will reign?  Get our best guesses, and fan theories about some of these questions.

Direct download: Trading_Justice_316_Brandon_Diaz.m4a
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In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Tim and Mark have a fun and informative show.

During the market skyline, the boys break down recent moves in equities, oil, currency and more.  Stocks are moving higher, so is oil, but there continue to be recession warnings across Europe and from key institutions.  What should traders expect next and throughout 2019?  Listen in for our analysis.

During the Feature Presentation, Tim interviews Beau Henderson.  Beau is a bestselling author of 9 books, host of The Rich Life show and writer for one of the largest financial publishing houses in the country. After watching his mom struggle financially due to the sudden death of his father, Beau Realized that he could make a profound difference by helping people navigate important financial decisions. Today he's the CEO of RichLife Advisors and has used his unique combined expertise in psychology and finance to help over 4 000 families with their unhealthy relationship with money. You’re going to love this interview.

After the feature, we answer some Coaches Mailbag questions about mistakes beginners make, how to use the scouting reports and how to build a community. 

Lastly, we have a fun segment where we name our top 5 songs of all time.  Music is a part of all of our lives, and we think you’ll enjoy the boys talking about the type of music they love.  Listen in, learn and enjoy!

01:55 Market Skyline

28:20 Beau Henderson

56:40 Coaches Mailbag

1:24:00 Top Five Songs

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In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Tim, Mark and Christian are all here at various points throughout the show.

During the market skyline, we discuss the upward fade and breakout in the S&P 500, relative strength and weakness across the major indexes, The recent actions out of Britain with their Brexit votes, and the implications of them leaving the EU as well as the expectation of earnings growth to improve through the year and whether or not that will be enough to propel the market higher.

The Feature Presentation is an interview with Christian Sisson about his recent writings in the Trading Justice Newsletter about The Holy Trinity, and specifically Position Sizing.  Tim and Christian discuss ideas like drawdowns, Extremistan and some examples from the newsletter. 

Finally, it’s March Madness, and the boys go through their bracket picks for the NCAA basketball tournament.  Who does Matt think will be in the final Four? Who does Mark have for upsets in the first round?  Did Tim spend more than 5 minutes researching before he picked?  Listen in and laugh along.

1:30 Market Skyline

31:20 Christian Sisson

47:40 NCAA Bracketology

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Tim interviews Darryl Lyons about money, markets and retirement planning. 

Darryl is the author of the book 18 to 80; A Simple and Practical Guide to Money and Retirement for All Ages.  Tim and Darryl discuss strategies and ideas that anyone can build for all strategies of their life. 

Ever curious what are the biggest mistakes a retiree makes?  What are some of the items to consider before you retire?  Listen into the podcast and get some actionable ideas for yourself about retirement planning, and financial planning.

Darryl holds licenses in Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA).  His interest in behavioral finance is particularly fascinating and he and Tim discuss the works of Daniel Kahnemen regarding psychology, judgement and decision making. 

Before the feature presentation, Coach Mark and Tim analyze the market through the Market Skyline.  Markets recently went through a pullback, but they are maintaining bullish trends.  Topics include the Trade War, Economic Reports, Jerome Powell’s recent 60 minutes interview as well as the continued theme of the Global Growth Slowdown. 

Last, the coaches answer questions in our popular Coaches Mailbag segment.  What tradable instrument is best to master if you want to leave your 9 to 5 job?  Is there a way to add a few lines to the journal to separate the ETF”s and stock positions?  After about 40 paper trades, at what point would should you go live in your trading?  We answer all of these questions, and even one from Quora.  Enjoy!

Direct download: Trading_Justice_312_Darryl_Lyons.m4a
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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the role of leadership in evaluating a company. 

Managers make a difference.  Great leaders make an impact. 

It’s common to look at quantifiable metrics when determining the strength or weakness of a company, like the PE Ratio, debt ratio’s, earnings, growth and revenue. 

But, how do you quantify leadership? 

Warren Buffet detailed 4 traits of a leader, including trustworthiness, skill, energy and love for the business.  During our feature presentation, we discuss what we look for in leaders, and give examples of great leaders, in our eyes.

Before we discuss our feature presentation, we go through the weekly Market Skyline and analyze the market action of late.  In the last week, we’ve seen the market stall at resistance, and more focus on the Federal Reserve, the Trade War, Economic reports like the GDP numbers, and oil prices.  Where will stocks go from here?  What can be the catalyst for a breakout?  We’ll discuss first thing, during this episode.

Back this week is the Coaches Mailbag, where we field questions from the clubhouse.  Tim also has a few questions he’s found on Quora.  Enjoy this fun segment, and, if you ever have a questions for the coaches, email us at

Lastly, we play a game where coach Mark has found some fascinating statistics and quizzes Matt and Tim on human knowledge.  How many Americans can find the Pacific Ocean on a map?  Do more Americans know who the family members of the TV show the Simpsons are, over how many know what the 3 branches of Government are?  We have some fun with this one, and we expect you will too.

Trading Justice is brought to you by Tackle Trading.  Join our community of traders today, and build the skills you need to trade the financial markets.  Get in the game.  #TeamTackle

1:30 Market Skyline
30:30 Buffett Rules
1:26:20 Coaches Mailbag
1:47:20 True or False

Direct download: Trading_Justice_311_Buffett_Rules.m4a
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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, the team welcomes Peter Hug to discuss the metals markets, gold, silver, palladium and more. 

Peter has been involved in precious metals since 1974.  He brings extensive experience, wit and wisdom to a discussion about investing in the markets.  He has held various positions throughout his career, including serving as SVP at Guardian Trust Company, developing a precious metals certificate program, work in the wholesale markets and international asset diversification.  Peter has been a frequent speaker at precious metals conferences and in the financial media.  We enjoyed the discussion very much, and we know you will as well.

The coaches also review the markets during our weekly Market Skyline feature.  And, we have a fun segment of Rank Em’ where Coach Mark has selected an interesting topic regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence and how it might be used in the future, for good, or bad.

Enjoy the podcast and let us know how much you enjoy it by leaving a review on iTunes or directly on the Trading Justice website.

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt and Tim invite panelists Mark and Christian to discuss the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.  

This movie, released in 2013, is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio.  Jordan first wrote a book called The Wolf of Wall Street in 2007 that was the basis for the movie.

The late 1980’s and 1990’s was a very different time on Wall Street.  Male dominated, ego driven and some very abhorrent behavior was fairly commonplace.  This move does an amazing job portraying that over the top environment, from drugs, to sex, to money – Greed and Excess.

Before the Shooting the Bull discussion, Matt and Tim work through the Market Skyline, where they break down the current conditions in Stocks, Currencies, Commodities and the Economy.  The Trade negotiations with China, 2018 Q4 Corporate Earnings, 2019 guidance, Price to Earnings (P/E) ratios and more are a part of the discussion.

Trading Justice is brought to you by Tackle Trading, if you’re new to our community, join us! Get in the game, join our pro community and be a part of #TeamTackle by starting a Pro membership with a free trial.

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt and Tim start with the Market Skyline and do a thorough breakdown of what is happening in trading.  Major story lines to track include the US/China Trade War, a potential Government Shutdown, the end of earnings season for stocks, a hard Brexit and more.  Pay attention to the discussion on sector strength and weakness, as there are the signs of the market becoming more ‘normal’ than it has been in recent months.

During the feature presentation, Matt and Tim are joined by Coach Mark to discuss a commonly asked question: how do I start if I don’t have a lot of money?  There are many ideas thrown about, a discussion on our favorite books and products, as well as what NOT to do if you’re in this position. 

Finally, Mark has cooked up a fun game where the boys must name the political figure who said the quote and what political party they are from.  It’s a test of history, politics and trying to read Mark’s mind…It’s definitely a tough challenge!

Trading Justice is brought to you by Tackle Trading.  Get in the game, join our pro community and be a part of #TeamTackle

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt and Tim discuss the 14 points of a recent report from a market analyst detailing the potential catalysts that could trigger a recession in 2019.  Some of the potential triggers include Treasury Yields inverting, global growth softening, US/China Trade deal not finding resolution, Earnings, Valuations, Trump, the Fed, Brexit, Crude Oil, Draghi and more.

Listen to the analysis so that you can better understand how traders perceive these risks and whether they are valid risks or not. Before we dive into that, the boys break down the key markets during our Market Skyline piece. Stocks had a bullish month in January and are breaking into new highs. Earnings have been relatively strong as well. Can prices continue to rally? Finally, we filed a few questions from our clubhouse about how a credit spread materializes over time, the idea of hypnotherapy and the difference between growth and speculation in your trading.

Trading Justice is brought to you by Tackle Trading, if you’re new to our community, join us! Get in the game and start a Pro membership with a free trial.

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, the Justice boys continue their series of interviews with students turned traders with Maria Diamond. Originally from Russia, Maria has an interesting journey from zero knowledge about the markets to the trader she is today. It was our pleasure interviewing Maria.

In addition, in episode 306 Matt and Tim analyze the market in the Market Skyline segment, answer questions from the student mailbag and play a game of Deal or No Deal. We always have a deal for you our listeners so sit back and enjoy this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

  • Market Skyline: 1:38
  • Feature: Maria Diamond 21:20
  • Coaches Mailbag: 45:30
  • Deal or No Deal: 1:06:56
Direct download: Trading_Justice_306.m4a
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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt and Tim bring back the Market Skyline to analyze the broad markets from the top. Stock prices have started the year with a nice bullish move, and the most common patterns developing on charts are the V-shaped recovery.

Intro: Tim Justice
1:00 Market Skyline
36:30 Interview with Grant
59:00 Coaches Mailbag

Direct download: trading-justice-episode-305-an-interview-with-grant-larsen.m4a
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In episode 304 of the Trading Justice Podcast the Justice boys tackle the concept of the 7 steps to trading. The stock and options markets can be great ways to invest into stocks, commodities, indexes and many other products. To do so, you need to have a step-by-step plan. In the 7-step guide to trading we walk you through those steps so as a new investor you have structure and a road map to follow.
1. Start at the Top of the Markets
2. Choose an Investment strategy
3. Find and Analyze potential Investment Candidates
4. Plan the Investment
5. Place the Investment
6. Manage the Investment
7. Journal each Investment

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In episode 303 of the Trading Justice podcast the Justice brothers dive deep into the world of covered calls. Matt and Tim just finished creating and releasing the Tackle 25, a unique cash flow trading list and the brothers break down what went into the list and how it can help investors in 2019. In addition, the boys talk about different stocks on the list including each of them naming one stock they would own for the next decade. The podcast finishes off with the Coaches Mailbag and an impromptu discussion on many hot button political topics that you certainly do not want to miss. Get your investing side hustle on right now by diving into the world of cash flow in this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Tim Justice

1:38: Feature Presentation 

29:23: Tackle 25 Application

1:09:05: Coaches Mailbag

Direct download: 303.mp3
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On episode 302 of the Trading Justice podcast the coaches break out the crystal balls and make their predictions for 2019. From the stock market, to oil, gold, politics and even a bit of pop culture the Tackle Trading coaches gather together in a fun filled podcast. While certainly entertaining, the coaches also take a serious look at what may happen in 2019…one that could be pivotal for the markets. So as the calendar turns from one year to another we wish you all the best in coming year and hope you enjoy this episode of the Trading Justice podcast.


Intro: Tim Justice

2:06: Feature Presentation Predictions

45:23: Predictions Pt 2

1:12:05: Predictions P3

Direct download: 302.mp3
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