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In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Tim, Mark and Christian are all here at various points throughout the show.

During the market skyline, we discuss the upward fade and breakout in the S&P 500, relative strength and weakness across the major indexes, The recent actions out of Britain with their Brexit votes, and the implications of them leaving the EU as well as the expectation of earnings growth to improve through the year and whether or not that will be enough to propel the market higher.

The Feature Presentation is an interview with Christian Sisson about his recent writings in the Trading Justice Newsletter about The Holy Trinity, and specifically Position Sizing.  Tim and Christian discuss ideas like drawdowns, Extremistan and some examples from the newsletter. 

Finally, it’s March Madness, and the boys go through their bracket picks for the NCAA basketball tournament.  Who does Matt think will be in the final Four? Who does Mark have for upsets in the first round?  Did Tim spend more than 5 minutes researching before he picked?  Listen in and laugh along.

1:30 Market Skyline

31:20 Christian Sisson

47:40 NCAA Bracketology

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Tim interviews Darryl Lyons about money, markets and retirement planning. 

Darryl is the author of the book 18 to 80; A Simple and Practical Guide to Money and Retirement for All Ages.  Tim and Darryl discuss strategies and ideas that anyone can build for all strategies of their life. 

Ever curious what are the biggest mistakes a retiree makes?  What are some of the items to consider before you retire?  Listen into the podcast and get some actionable ideas for yourself about retirement planning, and financial planning.

Darryl holds licenses in Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Behavioral Financial Advisor (BFA).  His interest in behavioral finance is particularly fascinating and he and Tim discuss the works of Daniel Kahnemen regarding psychology, judgement and decision making. 

Before the feature presentation, Coach Mark and Tim analyze the market through the Market Skyline.  Markets recently went through a pullback, but they are maintaining bullish trends.  Topics include the Trade War, Economic Reports, Jerome Powell’s recent 60 minutes interview as well as the continued theme of the Global Growth Slowdown. 

Last, the coaches answer questions in our popular Coaches Mailbag segment.  What tradable instrument is best to master if you want to leave your 9 to 5 job?  Is there a way to add a few lines to the journal to separate the ETF”s and stock positions?  After about 40 paper trades, at what point would should you go live in your trading?  We answer all of these questions, and even one from Quora.  Enjoy!

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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the role of leadership in evaluating a company. 

Managers make a difference.  Great leaders make an impact. 

It’s common to look at quantifiable metrics when determining the strength or weakness of a company, like the PE Ratio, debt ratio’s, earnings, growth and revenue. 

But, how do you quantify leadership? 

Warren Buffet detailed 4 traits of a leader, including trustworthiness, skill, energy and love for the business.  During our feature presentation, we discuss what we look for in leaders, and give examples of great leaders, in our eyes.

Before we discuss our feature presentation, we go through the weekly Market Skyline and analyze the market action of late.  In the last week, we’ve seen the market stall at resistance, and more focus on the Federal Reserve, the Trade War, Economic reports like the GDP numbers, and oil prices.  Where will stocks go from here?  What can be the catalyst for a breakout?  We’ll discuss first thing, during this episode.

Back this week is the Coaches Mailbag, where we field questions from the clubhouse.  Tim also has a few questions he’s found on Quora.  Enjoy this fun segment, and, if you ever have a questions for the coaches, email us at

Lastly, we play a game where coach Mark has found some fascinating statistics and quizzes Matt and Tim on human knowledge.  How many Americans can find the Pacific Ocean on a map?  Do more Americans know who the family members of the TV show the Simpsons are, over how many know what the 3 branches of Government are?  We have some fun with this one, and we expect you will too.

Trading Justice is brought to you by Tackle Trading.  Join our community of traders today, and build the skills you need to trade the financial markets.  Get in the game.  #TeamTackle

1:30 Market Skyline
30:30 Buffett Rules
1:26:20 Coaches Mailbag
1:47:20 True or False

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