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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, we discuss the 4 steps to building a daily routine. Recently, we posted a blog on Tackle Trading that teaches you how to build your daily routine as a trader in 4 simple steps.

A Trader’s Daily Routine includes 4 steps:

  • 1st – Market Analysis
  • 2nd – Portfolio Management
  • 3rd – Enter New Positions
  • 4th – Continued Education

Read the full blog here:

Listen in as Matt and Tim Justice discuss each of these steps and explain how you should approach them.

Before that, Mark and Tim analyze stocks, commodities, news, and more during our Market Skyline. The Fed will meet this week on the economy and set interest rate policy. Will they cut 50 basis points? Or will they cut 25 basis points? Get our take, as well as more insight during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Mark, Matt and Tim pick the AFC teams that they believe will get the most wins. We draft 5 teams each, and the total wins at the end of the year of all 5 teams will determine the winner of this game. Can Tim finally win a game? We won’t know for 5 months, but it will be fun regardless to watch the NFL this year.

  • 00:00:00 - Intro
  • 00:02:07 – Market Skyline
  • 00:15:29 – Feature: How to build your Daily Routine in 4 Steps
  • 00:44:07 – Game: AFC Team draft
  • 00:58:50 – Outro
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In this episode, we welcome Hiro Ababon to the podcast. Hiro is a veteran of our community who started trading 3 years ago. He’s always been interested in investing, buying silver when he was 18 years old right after he joined the Navy. His family has deep roots in the military. His dad and mom met in the military in Japan. After coming to America, his stepdad spent 27 years in the Marine Corps. Hiro invested in jewelry companies, became a hard money lender and invested in rentals. At one point he had 48 rental units, a subway franchise, and other business interests. The 2008 crash forced him through bankruptcy. Being resilient, he never quit. He started his options trading business in 2016.

He said it best himself, describing his journey: ‘One of the incredible things about America is the ability to try new things and start over if need be.’ He’s spent time as an entrepreneur, an investor, a trader and in service of non-profit organizations. In August 2016, he attended a real estate investing seminar by Legacy Education which also offered stock market training. His original interest was to start his son Joshua in the business, but it’s evolved to where he’s doing it full time himself. The stock trading education is what he focused on and that’s what introduced him to Tackle Trading and put him on the current path he’s on. He is passionate about his family, his business interests and his ministry. This is an incredible person and an interview that you won’t want to miss.

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark review the current conditions in the financial markets in our Market Skyline. Stocks have been in an uptrend for some time now, but currently on a pullback. Will the trend continue, or will it correct? We discuss the technical, news and fundamental information across indices, currencies, commodities and more. Finally, we play a game of ‘Quote This’ where Mark reads quotes from companies and CEO’s and asks Matt and Tim if they can guess where they came from.

2:20 Market Skyline
25:30 Hiro Ababon
42:45: Name the Quote

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In this episode the boys are joined by Gino Poore.  Gino is a veteran trader, a coach at Tackle Trading and a mentor to new traders.  Gino trades all kinds of products including stocks, ETF’s, Futures, Options on Futures, Equity Options and Forex.  Listen in for some wisdom from the veteran trader about how to get started, what mistakes to avoid if you’re new and how he got good in the business. 

To begin with, we analyze the markets including stocks, currency, commodities and bitcoin in our market skyline segment.  Earnings season is upon us and the expectation from market analysts is to have a tough quarter.  Will the market keep rallying if companies disappoint on earnings?  Listen in as we discuss the potential outcomes.

Lastly, Coach Mark has 10 stocks that have earnings this coming week and asks the coaches to pick which one’s they would ‘Blind Bet’ to the upside, which ones they wouldn’t touch with someone else’s money and which one is a good volatility play.  Earnings are unpredictable, so this is a fun way to make some predictions on the events. 

00:01:32 Market Skyline

00:30:26 Feature Interview

01:02:50 Earnings Game

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In this episode, we welcome Jack Schwager to the podcast for a discussion on trading, writing and the current state of the markets.  He studied economics from Brooklyn College and Brown University receiving an MA and BA in those fields in the early ’70s then moving into the Futures markets as a researcher which led to his first publication in 1984 ‘The Complete Guide to the Futures Market’.

Mr. Schwager is most famous for his writing and publishing of The New Market Wizards series with the first of the series coming out in 1989 where he interviews some of the greatest traders in the world.    He’s written extensively regarding trading futures, hedge funds and conducted interviews of the great trader’s through his books.  Matt talks to Jack about some of the characteristics of the markets in the ’80s when he first published the book versus today in 2019.  Listen in to hear from one of the greats in our industry and a very knowledgeable trader and author. 

It is great to hear Matt interview Jack and learn from his experience and wisdom.  We know you guys are going to love this one.

After that, the boys discuss the broad markets during the Market Skyline.  Stocks are near all-time highs, Jerome Powell is on the hill this week to answer questions from Congress and we’re heading into earnings season.  Get our analysis during this popular segment.  Finally, we play the dirty dozen prediction game where Mark asks Matt and Tim to make simple binary predictions across different topics like where stocks will end in 2019, oil, gold and bitcoin as well as some fun topics.

2:10 Jack Schwager Interview

1:15:20 Market Skyline

1:39:40 Dirty Dozen Predictions

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In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Pete Thomas form Zaner Metals to discuss the current market conditions including what he sees in the metal’s markets, crypto currency and more.  Pete’s a favorite guest of the podcast, and this interview is a can’t miss.  Gold is one of the most popular products that our listeners trade, and any analysis from a lifetime veteran who’s traded the markets is going to be compelling. Listen in for his take on the future of crypto currency as well as Facebook’s new crypto. 

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark analyze stocks, commodities, currency and the news in the market skyline.  Will the recent rally in stocks continue?  What do the boys make of the recent pullback in gold?  Listen in as we break down the action during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we play a game where we project next years NBA action.  The NBA free agency has been active recently and there have been some big moves by the New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz and others.  Who do we see winning next year?  Listen in as we give our opinions.

1:30 Market Skyline

35:50 Pete Thomas

1:36:30 Game on NBA Free Agency

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