Trading Justice
In this episode, we are joined by Father Guido Stockaducci, a.k.a. Noah Davidson, to hear about some of the confessions he’s heard from traders who’ve broken their rules. Have you over-leveraged your account? Have you broken your rules? Ever traded without a stop-loss? You may share some of the same sins as the rest of us, and we discuss them in a fun light-hearted segment.
Before that, we discuss the global economic slowdown (i.e. recession coming in Europe), the Fed repurchasing program, Monetary Policy and the never-ending story of the Trade War during our Market Skyline. Each week, we break down the news and the charts you need to know about so that you can get the analysis you need to understand what is happening out there.
Lastly, we answer questions from our audience in our Student Mailbag segment. How should a trader use the stock candidates from the Options Report? What type of order is best when trading options with contingent price conditions? Why isn’t oil getting back to 2018 levels? Listen in for the answers from the coaches to these questions
1:59 Market Skyline
40:12 Father Stockaducci
1:09:10 Coaches Mailbag
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In this episode, we discuss Black Swan events. Over the weekend, a coordinated drone attack on Saudi oil facilities sent the price of oil skyrocketing. Is it a Black Swan event? Black swans are extremely rare with severe consequences. It cannot be predicted beforehand. These events can cause catastrophic damage to an economy. We discuss this event, and whether it was or was not a Black Swan and then we discuss the overall approach a trader should take when thinking about Black Swan events. The term was popularized by Nassim Taleb. He argued that they are impossible to event, but it is important for people to always assume a Black Swan event is a possibility and to plan accordingly. Examples of Black Swans include the Financial Market crisis in 2008,the 9/11 attacks, Brexit andthe 2001 Dot Com Bubble crash.

Before we get into the feature presentation, the team discusses the current market conditions during our Market Skyline. We review the price action in stocks, commodities, currencies and the news surrounding the markets and give you guys our full analysis.

Lastly, we play a game of ‘Five Quick Takes’ where Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim to react to 5 recent stories in the news. Is brick and mortar retail dead? Should the market be at all time highs when we see economic weakness around the globe? Will marijuana stocks recover? Will the Trade War end during the Trump presidency? Are we hiding anything in Area 51? Listen in for some fun analysis and spirited discussion.

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In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Chris Blasi to discuss investing in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Chris is the President of Netpune Global and a veteran investor in the metal’s markets. He’s worked in financial services as a broker dealer, roles in wealth management and has extensive experience in the technology industry, specifically related to the financial services industry. We talk to Chris about the current run in metals, what he expects in the future, the problem with media coverage and traditional view on the Metals markets and more, including his take on Crypto Currencies. You’re going to love this value packed interview.Before that, Matt, Tim, Noah and Mark discuss the current market conditions during our Market Skyline feature. There has been positive news regarding the Trade War discussions between the US and China which gave stock prices a boost last week. The FED is gearing up for another interest rate cut in the next meeting. What does it all mean? We break it all down and give our opinions on the current state of the markets. Lastly, Mark asks the boys to answer questions that have no answer during our special segment.
0:58 Market Skyline
29:12 Chris Blasi
1:06:00 Random Game
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In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Tim,and Mark answer questions from our community in our Coaches Mailbag. Building a trading community is something we’re passionate about, and there’s no better way to help our listeners than to listen to them and answer their questions. We discuss investing mindset, rules from the STEP System and more during this value-packed segment.

Before that, we review the market conditions during our Skyline. The Trade War headlines dominated the month of August and the market moved back and forth. Will the volatility continue? How are the boys approaching stocks moving forward? Listen in to hear our takes. Lastly, we play a game where Mark lists out the top 10 video games by rank and Matt and Tim decide if the game is ‘worthy or not worthy’ of being on the list

Market Skyline 01:00

Coaches Mailbag 37:10

Worthy or Unworthy 1:03:00


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