Trading Justice
In this episode of the podcast, we welcome Chris Blasi to discuss investing in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Chris is the President of Netpune Global and a veteran investor in the metal’s markets. He’s worked in financial services as a broker dealer, roles in wealth management and has extensive experience in the technology industry, specifically related to the financial services industry. We talk to Chris about the current run in metals, what he expects in the future, the problem with media coverage and traditional view on the Metals markets and more, including his take on Crypto Currencies. You’re going to love this value packed interview.Before that, Matt, Tim, Noah and Mark discuss the current market conditions during our Market Skyline feature. There has been positive news regarding the Trade War discussions between the US and China which gave stock prices a boost last week. The FED is gearing up for another interest rate cut in the next meeting. What does it all mean? We break it all down and give our opinions on the current state of the markets. Lastly, Mark asks the boys to answer questions that have no answer during our special segment.
0:58 Market Skyline
29:12 Chris Blasi
1:06:00 Random Game
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