Trading Justice
In this episode, we are joined by Father Guido Stockaducci, a.k.a. Noah Davidson, to hear about some of the confessions he’s heard from traders who’ve broken their rules. Have you over-leveraged your account? Have you broken your rules? Ever traded without a stop-loss? You may share some of the same sins as the rest of us, and we discuss them in a fun light-hearted segment.
Before that, we discuss the global economic slowdown (i.e. recession coming in Europe), the Fed repurchasing program, Monetary Policy and the never-ending story of the Trade War during our Market Skyline. Each week, we break down the news and the charts you need to know about so that you can get the analysis you need to understand what is happening out there.
Lastly, we answer questions from our audience in our Student Mailbag segment. How should a trader use the stock candidates from the Options Report? What type of order is best when trading options with contingent price conditions? Why isn’t oil getting back to 2018 levels? Listen in for the answers from the coaches to these questions
1:59 Market Skyline
40:12 Father Stockaducci
1:09:10 Coaches Mailbag
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