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In this episode of the Trading Justice Podcast, we are going to discuss Seasonality and Sector Rotation.

Seasonality is a fascinating subject that comes into play constantly. With the markets hitting their all-time highs in addition to entering their “seasonal” best time we thought it a very appropriate subject.

For this episode, we brought in Coaches Noah Davidson and Gino Poore to discuss this topic. Oil, natural gas, stocks…all were discussed.

With Matt and Tim absent this week there was no chance for them to compete in our weekly game, but the show must go on. What were the most searched for Halloween costumes in 2019? Did Gino and Noah know? Tim will have wished he was here competing in this one.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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In this episode, Matt and Tim announce the launch of the Tackle Trading Playbook.  Building a playbook is an essential step in a trader's journey.  Whether you use Delta, Theta or Vega needs to be defined by the trader.  Listen in as we discuss the new playbook launch, what components need to go into a strategy and how you can benefit from using it.

Before that, we analyze corporate earnings, the Trade War, Brexit and other news during our market skyline.  Stocks have been holding in a range in recent weeks as companies have started to report Q3 earnings.  Will the market breakout on mixed fundamental data?  We shall see, but, in the meantime we will continue to analyze as we always do by focusing on price action.

Lastly, the coaches answer questions during our mailbag segment.  How do you overcome the fear of trading when you're new?  What is the most important characteristic of a successful trader?  How do index settlement prices effect your plan on the Thursday night or Friday morning of expiration?  We answer all of these questions during this popular segment.  

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In this episode, we are joined by Steve Burns for a conversation about trading.  Steve is a trader, investor, educator and author.  He's spent the last 20 years studying the stock market and is now passing his knowledge on to others.  We talk about how to survive and thrive as a trader as well as the proper mindset a beginner needs to do so.  He wrote the book New Trader, Rich Trader as well as Rich Trader 2: Good Trades, Bad Trades.  You will enjoy the interview and conversation.  

Before that, the boys analyze the markets during our Market Skyline.  The major headlines have been dominated by the Trade War, The Fed and the anticipation of earnings season in October.  Get all of our analysis and our opinions during this popular segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has another game lined up for Matt and Tim.  It's the Birthday Game, where he asks what age people are and Matt and Tim have to guess.  Will this be the week that Tim finally gets a win?  Tune in to find out.

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In this episode, we have a full panel to discuss the book ‘Aftermath’ by James Rickards. This book is the 4thin a series by the author that examines the state of economics today after the financial markets crisis forced bankers to drop interest rates drastically and print money to inflate asset prices. We discuss Rickards secrets of wealth preservation in a coming crisis during the panel and add our opinions on the matter. If you’re an investor you will want to build a plan for the upcoming economy and the potential volatility. Should you adopt Rickards barbell strategy where you invest in Gold, Silver, Land, Hard Assets, Treasuries and Cash? Or will you build your own portfolio design? That’s up to you, but you’ll love the discussion from the coaches on this book.

Before the book discussion, Mark and Tim review the current market conditions during our Market Skyline. Stocks are volatile but range bound, Commodities have been under short term pressure, with better signals on longer time frames, The FED is constantly dominating news headlines and Trade War risk persists. But, the main story line in October might be Q3 Earnings Season where companies will start reporting numbers. Can the market break out? Will it break down? Get all the analysis during this weekly segment.

Finally, we play a game of ‘Bracket Challenge’ where thy boys decide on which fast food item, they would pick in a tournament style challenge. This segment is heavily influence by coach Mark’s obsession with the McRib and McDonald’s bringing the item back recently.

2:10 Market Skyline
21:30 Aftermath
1:27:15 Fast Food Bracket

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In this episode, we teach the Poor Boy’s Covered Call. PBCC’s are a good strategy to use when you want to build cash flow by selling call options, and you like the idea of trading a covered call, but you don’t have the necessary capital to buy 100 shares on a stock. Think of them as leveraged covered calls. It involves buying a long-term call option and then selling a short-term call option. This is a great strategy, and one you’re going to want to learn.

Before that, we review the markets during our skyline. Trade war news, economic indicators, federal reserve speak, and the end of the quarter are all impacting price action right now. Get our analysis on all the above as we break down the charts and the news for you. Lastly, Mark has a game where Matt and Tim must guess whether a quote came from a politician or a football coach. Will Tim break his losing streak? Tune in to find out

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