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In episode 346 of the Trading Justice podcast we discuss how to trade breakouts of resistance levels. The markets are hot right now setting all-time highs and recently broke out of a clear resistance level. How do traders tackle this situation and how do they trade it? There are numerous ways to approach breakouts and we try to cover all the angles from entry to confirmation in this episode. We invited Emily Muiruri and Noah Davidson to discuss this very relevant topic that likely will influence how you approach this situation now and in the future.

Matt also breaks down the STEP System approach to breakouts. Breakouts are one of the go-to strategies many traders wait for. Well, the wait is over as a clear breakout has occurred on the broad markets and Matt in the episode goes over his breakout STEP System approach to this situation.

To close out the podcast we play a game centered around Guinness World Records. There are certainly some strange records out there. See if you can out guess the coaches in this light-hearted segment.

1:00 Market Skyline

35:45 Bullish Breakout

1:08:20 Game Time

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