Trading Justice

In this episode, we welcome Silvia Cooke to the podcast to discuss trading, mindset, her journey through two decades of market conditions and more during our feature presentation.  Silvia is a trader, a coach, an investor and someone who has been trading the markets since 1997.  Originally, she focused on directional trading, and over time has adapted to different market conditions and opportunities to trade cash flow strategies using tactics in the options market like Naked Puts and Covered Calls.  Silvia has a lot of wisdom to share with our audience and we know you’ll get a lot of value out of this interview. 

Before that, the team dissects the markets during our Market Skyline.  Third quarter earnings are mostly finished, while the S&P 500 is heading to its worst quarter from an earnings perspective since 2016, stock prices have been on fire and rallying.  Will the rally continue?  Much of that depends on the Trade War, Interest Rate policy and Investor sentiment as we head into the last of the year.  Listen in for all of our analysis during this popular segment.

Lastly, the team plays a game where they guess which hobbies are most popular around the world.  Tim, Matt, Silvia and Emily all participate in this fun segment cooked up by Coach Mark.  Will Tim break his losing streak?  Listen in to find out.

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