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In this episode, we discuss the implications of the recent outbreak in China of the coronavirus.  Global markets have been selling off the last few days as the reported cases of this virus have increased and the death toll has risen.  What does it mean for stocks moving forward?  Coach Mark and Tim analyze all of the price action across stocks, metals, oil and currencies during our Market Skyline. 

During the feature presentation, we welcome Coach Cody from Tackle Trading to help us understand this virus and it's risks.  We will examine what we know, look at some historical data and other cases that are similar in historical markets including those from MERS and SARS.  Listen in for some context, perspective and analysis that can help you better understand what is going on and what it might mean for you and your investment decisions.

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Welcome to Episode 357 of the Trading Justice Podcast! In this episode, we welcome to Tyler Craig to discuss option strategies with a deep dive into straddles. Whenever earnings season comes around, many options traders break out their options playbook and pull out this unique and powerful options strategy. Matt and Tyler go deep into their discussion of this strategy and this is sure to be an enjoyable listen for new and experienced traders alike.

In addition to our featured presentation, this TJ episode carries with it all the bag of goodies you come to expect: market analysis, answering student questions, breakdown of news, fun, laughs and even two minutes of Max Loss. So sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

0:59 Market Skyline
41:33 Options Earnings Strategies
1:20:30 Coaches Mailbag

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In this episode, we welcome Teri Ijeoma to the podcast.  Teri started her professional career in education, and transitioned to trading to pursue her goals to travel and stay at home to work.  Listen in as Coach Tim interviews Teri about her journey's, her trading routine and trading mindset.

Before that, Coach Matt, Tim and Mark analyze the markets during our skyline.  Tensions in Iran have been high, but recently deescalating.  Phase one of the Trade Deal between China and the US is set to be signed this week.  But, maybe more importantly, the corporate earnings season is kicking off this week with many major companies reporting their Q4 results.  Get all of the analysis you need during this popular section.  

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game of Buy-or-Sell for Matt and Tim.  In this fun game, Mark has some statements, headlines and projections that he asks the boys to either Buy or Sell ranging across topics but this is a very fun segment, we know you'll enjoy it.


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In this episode, Matt and Tim discuss the Tackle 25 release for 2020.  Each year, the coaches at Tackle Trading build their watch lists for the Tackle 25.  This list serves as a candidate list to trade Covered Calls, Naked Puts and other strategies used by options traders throughout the year.  Matt explains how we built the list, what stocks made the cut and those that did not.  They also discuss the Dividend Fireworks, Poor Boys Covered Call, and Dirty Sexy Money watch lists.  This is a very informative podcast, and you'll get a lot of a value out of it.

Before the feature, the team discusses the recent news regarding Iran and it's impact on the markets.  Finally, Coach Mark has Noah, Matt and Tm rank the recent jokes from Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes.

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