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In this episode, Mark and Tim welcome Coach Gino and Noah from Tackle Trading to discuss the recent market conditions and potential investment thesis' moving forward.  The market is being split into different groups, and how they are interpreting the recent news.  Some market participants are screaming to buy now, others to wait until more clarity develops and then some are now simply bearish.  Here are the 3 main investment thesis' we're seeing develop right now.

#1 - Buy the dip - sooner than later

#2 - Buy the dip - after we get more information

#3 - Sell the rally's - the Market is now Bearish

Where do you fall?  We discuss all of these different camps and break them down one at a time from our perspective.  

Next, Coach Mark has compiled a list of Bearish arguments and presumptions of what can happen as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Tim, Gino and Noah rank them from 1 (not likely) to 10 (very likely) in reaction to these presumptions.  It's a fascinating thought exercise, and one we know you'll get value from listening to.  

Lastly, Mark has a game where we guess what are the top 10 american foods.  What is the iconic food you think of when you think of 'American' food?  Hint, Twinkies doesn't make it.

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark welcome "The Godfather' Keith King to the podcast to discuss the recent market volatility, day trading, the Coronavirus and more.  Keith is a veteran trader who has been in the markets for decades, first as a floor trader on the Boston then New York Stock Exchange.  He has tremendous insight and experience that welcome in a time like this. 

Listen in as we first discuss the Market dynamics in our Market Skyline and then stay for a Feature Presentation where we ask Keith for some tips on how to navigate these conditions.  

Lastly, Coach Mark has a question for the panel where he asks what restaurant we would all like to go to once this all settles down.  Where is your must visit place to eat and enjoy a meal?

1:45 Market Skyline

42:00 Keith King

1:03:45 When its all over

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In this episode, we welcome Jake Larmour back to the podcast.  Jake is a trader, investor and public speaker.  He started trading at a young age of 20 and has been in the markets for 5 years.  His approach to markets is dynamic, including day trading, options trading, futures trading and investing.  Listen in as Matt and Tim have a discussion with Jake about how he's approaching the markets, what he's learned through the process and more.

Before that, we analyze stocks, oil, bonds, gold and other markets during our Market Skyline.  The recent volatility has been severe, and prices of most risk on assets were down sharply on Monday in response to continued Coronavirus risk to the global economy as well as Saudi Arabia's recent decision to push more oil out on the markets.  Listen in as we break it down for you.

Lastly, we play a game where Coach Mark reads absurd news headlines and asks us to rate them from 1-10 on how absurd they are.  

1:40 Market Skyline

47:40 Jake Larmour

1:13:30 Absurd Headlines

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In this episode, Matt, Tim, and Mark get together to discuss the recent market volatility and massive sell-off that occurred last week in stocks.  Stock indexes sold precipitously after news of an expansion of the virus.  Stocks sold straight down for 6 days and bounced on Monday.  Will the bounce continue?  We examine the action during our Market Skyline and then dig deeper into the potential narratives moving forward during our feature presentation.

The market expects the FED to cut interest rates by 50 basis points in the next meeting, will that be enough to get buyers back in?  That is one potential narrative.  Another is that the virus expansion will slow down consumer behavior, travel, and consumption leading to a disruption in global supply chains.  Listen in for all of our thoughts and analysis on which narratives will be the ones to pay attention to.

Lastly, we read some very good and bad 'Dad' Jokes just to lighten the mood.  Wanna hear a joke about procrastination?  I'll tell it to you later.

1:45 Market Skyline

41:30 Coronavirus Narratives

1:10:00 Dad jokes

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