Trading Justice

In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark break down the bullish stock thesis currently prevalent in the market. We take 6 specific themes that the bulls are touting right now and analyze them one at a time based on their validity.  

1. The worst of Covid-19 economic impact is behind us

2. There is a ton of cash on the sidelines

3. Leadership in Quality and Growth stocks will hold the market up

4. An expectation of more positive news on Covid-19 therapeutic treatments

5. The willingness to look past earnings in 2020 towards 2021

6. The Fed put will boost liquidity and keep a floor to stock prices

As a team, we analyze these one at a time and rate their validity between 1-100.  Listen in for our insights, critique and analysis of these themes.

Before the feature, we analyze the markets during our market skyline.  One of the biggest stories has revolved around Oil, short term volatility and long term potential if the supply/demand dynamic can fix itself.  There is a good debate during this section, that we are sure you'll enjoy.

Lastly, we play a game of Set the Odds on topics ranging from the best NFL QB drafted this year to the likelihood that Joe Biden won't be the Democratic nominee on the presidential ballot.  It's a fun section, and one where Tim gets to play the judge between Mark and Matt.  It's a fun section that we hope you laugh a few times with us through it.

1:00 Market Skyline
1:05:20 Feature
2:15:30 Odds Makers

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In this episode, we examine the recent market conditions across stocks, commodities and currencies.  Stocks have rallied the last few weeks on the backdrop of Government Stimulus, Federal Reserve QE programs and general optimism.  But, Oil has been volatile and in the May contract went negative pricing in the futures market.  Are we in a market recovering, on one cratering just waiting to go lower?  Listen in as we discuss all of the themes across financial markets.

During our feature, we discuss the recent volatility in Oil and the contango that has developed in the futures market.  In the first time in the history of oil, the WTI contract traded for negative prices, moving all the way to -$40 per barrel on the May contract.  What does it mean moving forward?  Well, we don't know, but we're willing to dive in and give the best analysis we can in these crazy times.  Listen in.

Lastly, we play a game of buy or sell during a segment where coach Mark pitches companies to the coaches and asks 'would you buy at a deep discount?'  We have some fun making some guesses about future price action during this segment.

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In this episode, we welcome Larry Velasco to the podcast.  Larry is a trader, an academic, lifelong learner and long-time member of our community.  Listen is as we talk life, trading and the current economic conditions with Larry.  

Before that, we conduct a full market review during our Market Skyline piece.  Volatility remains high, but the bulls have stayed in control.  Will it continue?  Time will tell.  In the meantime we've had interesting corporate news as well as volatility in oil.  Get all of our analysis during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we play a 'Rona' edition of the game locked in for some levity.  Listen in as we ask either other 'would you rather' scenarios that apply to the current lock down.

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In this episode, we welcome Pearl Li to the podcast.  Pearl is a trader and investor from the Seattle Washington area.  She has been a part of our community for 4 years and has gone through many mentorships, coaching programs and taken courses to develop her skills.  She's also recently become a blogger and coach for Tackle Trading. Listen in as we talk to Pearl about her journey, her perspective and approach to the markets.  

Before that, Mark, Noah, Pearl and Tim analyze the recent market conditions during our Skyline.  Markets have been volatile, and resilient, as the price action tries to bottom.  Will that price action continue?  Get all of our analysis during this popular segment.

Lastly, we play a game where we name some of the best re-watchable movies of all time.  What is your go to movie that you've seen many times that you'll watch when you need to unwind?

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