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In this episode, we welcome Brandon Diaz back to the podcast.  Brandon is a Real Estate investor, an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a very engaging person.  Matt sits down with Brandon and asks him for his insights across many topics including Commercial Real Estate, Rehabs, Rentals, and how Brandon is handling this market now and what he expects in the future.  

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark analyze the major stories during our Market Skyline.  Stocks are pressing up against resistance as prices have held strong amidst concerning fundamental data, uncertainty, and more.  But, the bulls have been firmly in charge.  Will that continue?  Listen in for our opinions about where this market is and where it may be heading moving forward.

Lastly, we play a game with Brandon, and the boys, where we take 16 of the distressed companies and bracket them in a tournament-style competition.  We analyze the head to head match-ups on stocks like Boeing, Wells Fargo, Six Flags and Planet Fitness, to name a few, and vote on who is the better 10-year play as a Buy Low candidate. 

1:45 Market Skyline

30:20 Brandon Diaz

1:26:20 Bracketology of Bottom Feeding

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In this episode, Matt, Tim, Mark and Noah get together to discuss the topic of how to insure your investments.  In the markets, there are many available products you can use to take risk away from a particular trade or portfolio.  Insurance isn't something always that exciting to buy, but it can be extremely helpful and necessary when you need it.  Listen in for our insights into this important topic and get some tips and tricks on how to approach the topic of using insurance including Put Options, Selling Call Options and Position Sizing.

Before that, we analyze the markets from a top down perspective during our Market Skyline.  Jerome Powell was on 60 minutes on Sunday talking economics, several companies have made progress on clinical trials on a vaccine and the general 're-opening theme' is on track.  Will the bullishness continue?  We break down the fundamental and technical arguments during this weekly section so that you can hear our thoughts.

Lastly, we play a game of 'would you insure this?'  Ever wondered if you need alien abduction insurance?  Wedding insurance?  Lost car keys insurance?  There are lots of wild insurance products out there, and Coach Mark has compiled a list of them to ask us what we would insure.

1:50 Market Skyline

1:00:40 Buying Insurance

1:35:45 Wierd Insurance

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In this episode, we welcome Jake Larmour back to the podcast.  Jake is a friend of the show, frequent guest and trader who brings fun, energy and solid analysis to the show.  First, we analyze the markets from a top down perspective during our Market Skyline.  Stocks have held their up trends during this recovery.  What can derail the bulls?  We analyze the fundamentals, technicals and news to give our insights on the current market condition

After, that, we have a 16 stock bracket based competition where we analyze two stocks at a time, and move one forward based on majority vote.  Tim, Matt and Jake have some fun analyzing some of the biggest names in the marketplace and asking and answering the question 'who would you rather hold for 2 years?'.  It's a tournament-style bracket, with one final name to take the top spot.  

Lastly, I ask Jake to analyze the recent Bitcoin halving that occurred Monday.  In Bitcoin, Halving occurs every 4 years as a planned part of the process of reducing supply, curbing inflation and can effect mining and pricing of the cryptocurrency.  

1:15 Market Skyline

55:20 Stock Bracketology

1:55:40 Bitcoin Halving

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In this episode, we welcome Guy Cohen back to the podcast.  Guy is an author, trader, technician and market analyst who brings great insight into the current conditions across the markets.  Coach Tim sits down with Guy to talk about a lot of topics including the V shaped recovery, the impact of a supply disruption with China and his take on the future of stock price potential.  Enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

Before that, Coach Matt, Mark and TIm discuss recent market conditions during our Market Skyline.  Warren Buffet made news over the weekend by announcing he'd dumped his airline stocks, hasn't bought back into the rally and is continuing to raise cash.  Alongside that, President Trump said he's willing to slap tariffs back on China.  As we venture through earnings season, stories like this cloud the fundamental backdrop of a market that's made a great rally off the lows.  Get all of our thoughts during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we honor the life of Don Shula, the great Miami Dolphins football coach who passed on Monday.  We discuss the great NFL coaches of all time and talk about how football might look in the fall.  

2:00 Market Skyline

37:40 Guy Cohen

1:23:00 NFL Coaches

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