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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the 7 Step Guide to Trading.  When you trade the markets, it's best to have a step by step process to ensure you're building trades properly.  The 7 Steps to Trading, as taught through our free course at Tackle Trading, teach you how to build your trades through this process.  Listen in as the boys discuss each step, how they approach them, and what you need to think about when you're using this methodology.

Before that, there is a lot of news to analyze during our Market Skyline.  Earnings season is in full swing, with over 200 companies on the S&P 500 reporting this week alone including Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon among other big names.  Also, the next round of stimulus is being discussed in Washington which has important market implications.  And, to boot, Gold and Silver have rallied on one of their strongest weeks in a long time while Bitcoin is now breaking out.  Listen in for all of our opinions and insight.

1:50 Market Skyline

1:22:15 7 Steps to Trading

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In this episode, Matt and Tim sit down to discuss the Art of the Reversal, an important technical analysis concept that develops through five specific steps. The steps include slowing momentum in trend, a double top, a double bottom, a breakdown and then the Kiss of Death.  Each step has specific characteristics you need to identify as well as actions you should take when they develop.  Listen in to learn about the Art of the Reversal and what you can do when you identify these characteristics.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Market Skyline.  Stocks have held up quite well through the first week of earnings season.  The market is waiting for clarity on what the next stimulus package will be from the government as well.  Can the trends hold?  We break down all of the action and news from our perspective to give you guys the insight you need.

Lastly, we answer questions in our Coaches Mailbag.  We answer questions regarding brokers, naked puts, investing and day trading options.

2:25 Market Skyline

52:10 Art of Reversal

1:40:35 Coaches Mailbag

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In this episode, we welcome Pete Thomas back to the podcast to discuss gold, silver and the metals markets.  Pete is a Senior Vice President at Zaner Precious Metals and an expert on the metals market with decades of experience and insight.  Listen in to this fun, lively conversation about the current state of the markets and where he sees gold and the other metals moving next. Pete is a frequent guest of the podcast over the years and always a great conversationalist.  

Before that, the boys analyze the broad markets during our Skyline.  Stocks have been bullish heading into the week and stalling on Monday in front of earnings season.  Will the bull rally continue?  Much of the market response will depend on how investors react to corporate earnings, which kicks off this week with a bunch of major announcements scheduled.  Get all of our analysis during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim to pick over/under for a list of key stocks with earnings in regards to how we think they'll perform over the next quarter relative to the market.  Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Domino's Pizza and Taiwan Semiconductor are a few names we analyze during this fun segment.

1:50 Market Skyline

29:30 Pete Thomas

1:37:20 Earnings Game

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In this episode, the boys get together to review the first six months of the year in markets.  At the beginning of the year, we posted our predictions, as we always do, and it's been a wild ride through the first half for the financial markets.  We look back at some of our original predictions, talk about what we got right, what we got wrong and discuss how we think things might play out for the rest of 2020.

Before that, Matt and Tim analyze the broad markets this week during our Market Skyline. Stocks held support, and have rallied, Oil is holding it's trend while stalling at resistance, and gold keeps pushing towards the 1800 resistance zone.  Listen in as we analyze all of the action across markets.

Lastly, Mark asks Matt and Tim to make some predictions in the world of politics for the rest of the year.  During this political season, there are a lot of races under contention first with the White House, but even within the House and Senate.  How do we see it all playing out?  Listen in for our best guesses.

2:04 Market Skyline

51:20 2020 Predictions Review

1:43:40 Political Predictions

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