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In this episode, the team get's together to discuss the Future of Retirement.  The current state of retirement, with savings, retirement accounts like 401k's and IRA's, pensions and social security is complex and severely lacking.  Many people lack the retirement savings needed to actually stop working and retire comfortably.  We discuss an idea we came across recently from Bill Ackman where every child born would be given a $6750 account to grow over time.  Listen in as we analyze this idea and discuss retirement from a big picture level.

Before that, we analyze recent market action during our Skyline.  Stocks have rallied off support the last 3 days pushing back towards short term resistance.  Price action has been technically driven with a lack of significant news.  Can the rally continue?  We discuss that question and give our insights into the current state of markets during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game where we guess the worst endings to TV shows ever.  Have you ever had a show you loved, that just ended miserably?  We all have, and we talk about some of the worst of all time during this fun segment.

3:15 Market Skyline

48:10 Retirement Idea

1:52:37 Worst TV Endings

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In this episode, the boys talk about the history of retirement in the United States.  Over time the concept of retirement has changed.  As people live longer lives, government and corporations have adapted their approach to retirement planning from pension plans to contribution plans like 401k's.  We detail the history of that evolution and discuss the key moments that have brought us up to 2020 as well as some of the problems that exist in the system.  Next week, we will examine the future of retirement.

Before that, we analyze the broad markets during our Skyline.  Stocks have been selling recently, breaking below technical levels.  When volatility increases, emotions tend to increase as well for individuals.  We analyze all of the important themes developing in the markets today across stocks, commodities, currencies and economics in this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Tim and Matt to guess the best 10 places to retire in our weekly game.  If you could retire anywhere, where would you go?  Someplace warm?  A state? A country?  We have some fun guessing what the top destinations are.

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In this episode the team gets together to discuss the role and value of using watch lists in your trading.  Watch lists are commonly used by traders to keep track of specific tradable instruments, like stocks, ETF's, commodities or currencies.  They can help a trader improve efficiency and productivity in a daily routine by staying organized.  Listen in as Coach Mark, Noah, Matt and Tim discuss how they use watch lists.

Before that, the team discusses recent market action during the Market Skyline.  Stocks are battling between technical levels as the bulls and bears try to gain control of the momentum in price.  The news cycles have lightened up, so the focus will be on these price levels for the market.  We analyze all of the potential catalysts we see moving forward, as well as some individual company news during this popular segment.

Lastly, the boys play a game where they guess recent Guinness Book world records that Coach Mark has found.  How far can someone throw a hot dog and catch it in a bun?  How fast can someone solve a Rubix cube while simultaneously juggling?  There are some crazy records out there, and we have some fun discussing them.

2:10 Skyline

57:55 Watchlists

1:39:05 Random Game

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In this episode, we welcome Tyler Craig back to the podcast to discuss his recent newsletter Price Gaps and Potholes he wrote for Trading Justice.  During our feature, Coach Tim talks to Tyler about the 4 types of gaps he wrote about including Common, Breakaway, Exhaustion, and Catastrophic. Listen in for insight on how to understand these gaps and how Tyler approaches trading them.

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Tyler discuss the recent price action during our Market Skyline. Last week had 3 separate jobs reports highlighting the current state of the labor market.  Also, stocks sold off on Thursday sharply after hitting the all-time high on the Nasdaq and S&P 500 just a day before.  We break down the reasons for the sell-off and what opportunities we see from the pullback.  

Lastly, Matt asks Tyler and Tim to guess which stock best reflects a Christopher Nolan movie - the famous director of films like The Dark Night, Inception, Dunkirk, and more.

2:15 Market Skyline

38:30 Price Gaps

1:10:45 Game 

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In this episode, we are joined by Jake Larmour to discuss the current state of Bitcoin in 2020.  Originally hailed by anti-central bank investors, Bitcoin has evolved over the years into something different than what was originally conceptualized.  It's gaining more mass-adoption from traditional investors and corporations.  Is it storage of value?  Inflationary protection?  Something else?  We discuss Bitcoin in all of its glory, and if you're interested in the crypto-currency, this is a must-listen.

Before that, we analyze the current state of financial markets during our Skyline.  Stocks have had one of their best performance in the month of August in decades.  Much of the price action can be attributed to technical trends and the Federal Reserve's pivot recently on their policy stance.  Can the Fed Put keep the markets moving higher?  We analyze all of the action and give our insights during this weekly segment.

2:33 Market Skyline

1:26:20 Bitcoin

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