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In this episode, the coaches discuss how they approach earnings reports as an investor. We are in the heart of earnings season now, where this week we see nearly 25% of the S&P 500 companies report their results. Earnings can create price gaps, some big, some small, and some predictable while others are not.

Listen in as Coaches Tim, Matt, Mark, Emily, and Tyler discuss how they approach earnings reports, whether they avoid them, why they decide to collar or hedge when they do, and in what circumstances they do nothing and accept the volatility risk. We also go through some examples of companies that have upcoming earnings as case studies to discuss how we might approach them.

Before that, we discuss the broad market conditions during our market skyline. Stocks remain bullish in general, but we've seen some areas of the market exhibit relative strength.  The technology, communications, and consumer cyclical sectors have outperformed recently, while energy has lagged in the short term. Will that theme continue? Listen in as we discuss broad market conditions, sector rotation, and commodities during this weekly segment.

2:00 Market Skyline

30:30 Understanding Earnings

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In this episode, the coaches discuss whether the markets are currently in a 'bubble' or not.  The Shiller P/E ratio is the second-highest it's ever been, valuations are extreme for many companies and the technical charts are at all-time highs.  But, that alone doesn't determine whether the market is indeed in a bubble. We examine 5 different areas and discuss them including valuation, a plausible future, irrational exuberance, the Fed Put backdrop, and the easy money that has been made by some recently to determine the answer to this question. 

Before that, we analyze the markets during our skyline. Netflix reported earnings on Tuesday and gapped up towards all-time price highs breaking out of a long term channel. That news alone gave the stock market a boost, and prices broke out across many indices. We discuss the news, price action, and more during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim to guess the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. This weekend, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady go head to head in the NFC championship game, and they are two of the greats. Where do they and others fall on the list of top 10 greats? Listen in to find out in this fun segment.

1:40 Market Skyline

33:30 Bubble

1:24:10 Top 10 QB

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In this episode we welcome Coach Tyler Craig from Tackle Trading for a discussion on how to select which options strategy to use in different technical and volatility conditions. The Trading Justice Newsletter for January was written by Tyler on this topic and it does a great job teaching you how to go from a big list of options strategies and to reduce it down to the ones you will use and in what conditions you should use them. Listen in to the feature presentation to get some insight from Tyler and Tim as they have a conversation about implied volatility, delta, theta, vega, directional bias and more. 

Before that, the coaches analyze the broad market conditions during our skyline. Last week was a historic week in terms of news and politics, but what implications does that have on the market? Coach Matt discusses that and more as we have a discussion about the state of stocks, gold, bitcoin, oil, an earnings season preview and sector analysis. 

Lastly, Coach Mark has selected 8 financial instruments and we have a bracket style game where we select which instrument we want to have as our valentine over the next month. He has a few stocks, a few commodities, bitcoin and a few sectors to choose from during this fun little game.

2:09 Market Skyline

38:50 Options Strategy Selection

1:00:50 Asset Bracket Challenge

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the release of the Tackle 25 Covered Call lists for 2021. Each year, we build a list of 25 stocks that represent both growth and cash flow opportunities in the market that also have strong fundamentals. There are 5 lists in total, where the main list has 25 stocks, the others all contain 10 stocks. 

Here are the lists:

- Tackle 25 

- Dividend Fireworks

- Poor Boys Covered Calls

- Dirty Sexy Money

- ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) *new list this year!

In 2020, last years lists performance was phenomenal. Here are the performance stats for 2020:

- Tackle 25 +18.54%

- Poor Boys Covered Call + 19.56%

- Dividend Fireworks -8%

- Dirty Sexy Money +109.3%!!!

Listen in as Matt talks about how the lists are created and describes the process he uses each year to build these incredibly valuable lists of stocks for our trading community.

If you're a PRO member of Tackle Trading, you can access the lists here:

Lastly, the coaches make predictions on who will win in the NFL playoffs that are starting this week.  If you're a football fan, it's been a wild year with some familiar names playing well.  Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?

2:05 Market Skyline

28:50 Tackle 25

1:02:50 NFL SB Pick

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