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In this episode, the coaches discuss Financial Technology, also known as FinTech, and its role in the market, and some of our favorite FinTech companies in 2021. Coach Mark shares some of his research regarding FinTech companies, the history of the movement, and some examples in banking, stock trading, crowdfunding, and more during this week's Feature. 

Before that, the coaches analyze the broad market conditions during our weekly Skyline. The S&P 500 is pushing towards all-time highs, commodities are trading in a broad range, certain sectors are outperforming (like Industrials and Materials) while others are stuck in their technical patterns waiting for a breakout (like Tech and Discretionary).  The coaches analyze all of the price action that impacts markets and discuss the recent volatility around ViacomCBS and Discovery after Archegos Capital Management was forced to liquidate shares last week sending the stocks sharply lower. 

1:45 Market Skyline

1:05:30 Fintech

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In this episode, Coach Greg 'Old Money' Holmes joins us to discuss the recent newsletter he wrote on the True Fundamentals of Investing. During our feature presentation, Coach Greg discusses some of the most important fundamental concepts he considers before investing including the value of a company, stability, how to determine a fair price, P/E ratios, Return on Invested Capital, Operating Margins, and Dividend payments. Listen in for some insight and wisdom on an important topic for new and veteran investors alike.

Before that, Coach Matt, Mark, Tim, and Greg analyze the broad market conditions during our skyline. Last week the FOMC held a two-day meeting, followed by a policy statement and press conference with Chair Jerome Powell. The market bought on the initial price response Wednesday, seemingly liking what the Fed had to say regarding future economic growth, the prospects for the jobs market, maintaining low-interest rates, and monthly bond purchases. Essentially the Fed 'said' everything the market wanted to hear, but the market sold on Thursday after digesting the reality of what the Fed's statement means. Essentially, if things are going to get better as fast as they say, when will they raise interest rates? We discuss the mixed messaging from the Fed and the technical conditions in stocks, commodities, the dollar, and bitcoin during this weekly segment.

1:53 Market Skyline

1:00:40 Greg Holmes

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In this episode, the Coaches discuss the Long Call Strategy, its strengths, weaknesses, and how it fits in a trader's overall portfolio design. There are different types of traders in the market place but two specific groups stand out - directional (delta) and cash flow (theta). Long calls are a common tactic used in directional trades by traders who want to take advantage of price appreciation, but also want to get control of the underlying asset without having to put up all of the capital required to buy the shares directly. Listen in as the coaches discuss some examples of when to trade long calls, the impact of implied volatility changing on long calls, and some of the rules they use when entering into this trading strategy.

Before that, the coaches discuss the recent market action during our weekly skyline. Stocks soared last week across the board with several indices reaching all-time highs like the S&P 500, Russell 2000, and Dow Jones Industrial Average. The economy reopening theme continues, President Biden signed a $1.9T stimulus package and the FOMC is set to meet this Wednesday with their latest commentary and policy updates. Listen in as the coaches analyze all of the price action and news and give some insight into what is happening in markets right now.

Market Skyline: 1:45

Feature: Long Call 40:35


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In this episode, the coaches discuss the Federal Reserve and how they can impact markets. Coach Matt explains how the Federal Reserve uses tools like Quantitative Easing, the Fed Funds Rate, Operation Twist, and others policy initiatives to achieve their stated goals and dual mandate of controlling inflation and fostering employment. Listen in to learn more about these topics during our Feature Presentation.

Before that, Coach Mark, Tim and Matt analyze the broad market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks have been mixed the last week, as Technology has been under pressure and selling off, while areas like Financials, Energy and Industrials have continued to show strength. Crude Oil has continued it's strength, while Bitcoin is holding up. Listen in as we discuss all of the price action and news that has grabbed our attention over the last week.

Lastly, in the spirit of the NBA All-Star game yesterday, Coach Mark asks Coach Tim and Matt to pick their top 10 'All-Star' investments from a list of 20 Blue Chip companies across different industries. Who would you take as your #1 pick?

2:18 Market Skyline

28:30 Fed Tools

1:17:05 Investment Draft

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In this episode, Matt, Tim, Mark and Tyler have a discussion about the current state of inflation and it's impact on the economy, consumers and investors. Inflation is the increase in prices and the fall in the purchasing power of money over time. We've all felt the impact of inflation, whether its from shopping at the grocery store, real estate values or the cost of a gallon of gas. Listen in as the coaches discuss inflation, why it's important to understand, and most importantly what to do about it as an investor.

Before that, we analyze the market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks rebounded Monday after some selling pressure in the previous week. Sector leadership in financials, energy, industrials and communications has been clear over the past month, and they all were up with the markets broad based advance. Listen in as we discuss the biggest stories impacting markets right now and analyze the technical conditions.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game for Matt and Tim where they have to guess the price of consumer goods and services at different points in time. It's a fun game, but a reminder of the true impact of inflation, as gas, bread, home prices, concert tickets and more have all changed over the years. 

1:40 Skyline

34:10 Inflation

1:41:45 Game

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