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In this episode, Matt sits down with Tim for a discussion on implied volatility and how it impacts options pricing, as well as the implied volatility cycle in relation to earnings dates. Implied Volatility (IV) is an estimate of future volatility in a stock, and traders watch changes in IV because it impacts their options trades. Listen in to the discussion around IV, its cycle in relation to earnings, why its important, how to approach the IV build, the IV Crush that happens after earnings and a few ways to use the information in your trading strategies.

Before that, the coaches discuss the current market conditions in our skyline. Stocks are hovering near all-time highs, and its a busy week of earnings including names like Tesla, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. The Fed meets this week for another policy discussion as well. Listen in to the discussion around stocks, commodities, bitcoin and economics during this segment.

Lastly, Coach Mark has a game where Matt and Tim have to guess the biggest NFL draft busts of the last 15 years. Later this week, the NFL will hold its annual draft, and we're all huge NFL fans. Who do you think was the biggest NFL draft bust in the last 15 years? 

2:00 Market Skyline

33:10 Implied Volatility

1:14:55 NFL Draft Bust

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In this episode, Coach Matt discusses the significance of quarterly earnings reports during our feature presentation. Every quarter, public companies have to report their earnings. These reports include financial data like earnings per share (EPS) and revenue. Market participants focus on earnings to gain insight into companies, industries, sectors, and the broad market. Coach Matt discusses what earnings are, why they're important, what he's learned so far this earnings season, and what he'll be watching for moving forward during the feature.

Before that, the coaches discuss the state of the broad markets during our weekly skyline. Stocks hit all-time highs last week on the S&P 500 as the bullish trends have been in place. Last week we received a batch of earnings reports, specifically from Financial stocks like Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo. The US Dollar broke down below key support, Gold broke out of short-term resistance and BItcoin tumbled over the weekend below 60K support to 55K per coin. Listen in as the coaches discuss the state of the markets during this weekly segment.

2:07 Market Skyline

48:50 Feature Presentation

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig joins us to discuss April's Trading Justice newsletter 'A Beginners Guide to Interest Rates'. Tim and Tyler talk about the role interest rates play in the economy and markets for consumers and investors. Listen in to the conversation to learn more about interest rates, the yield curve, how inflation impacts interest rates, the fed funds rate, and the impact of low-interest rates on savers. 

Before that, the coaches analyze the markets from a top-down perspective during our skyline. The S&P 500 and DJIA have been trading at all-time highs over the past week, while the Nasdaq 100 has played catch-up and pushed towards its high. Gold bounced off support, the US Dollar is on a retracement while Bitcoin is pushing towards an all-time high breakout. Listen in as we analyze all of the price action and news that is impacting the markets this week, including a preview of earnings season.

Lastly, Coach Mark hosts a game of 'Closest to the Hole' where Matt and Tim guess golf trivia across different questions. When did Jack Nicklaus win his first Masters? How old was Tiger Woods when he won his green jacket? If you love golf or trivia, you'll have some fun listening to this week's game.

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In this episode, the coaches discuss the need for infrastructure and the details of President Biden's infrastructure plan that he detailed last week. America has the #1 economy in the world, yet ranks just 13th in infrastructure quality. If you've traveled, you've probably seen roads, bridges, public transit systems, railroads, and airports that all need updating. Within the proposal, there is money allocated for updating the country's traditional infrastructure and other infrastructure projects like water systems, electrical grids, supply chains, and more. Listen in as the coaches discuss the details of the plan and how it may impact markets.

Before that, we discuss the current market conditions during our skyline. Stocks have broken out to new all-time highs on the S&P 500. Recent underperforming sectors like Tech and DIscretionary have also roared back with strong weekly gains, while Oil, Gold, and Bitcoin have stalled in the short term. Listen in as the coaches discuss the recent news and price action, and how they're approaching it.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim quiz questions regarding the game Monopoly. How many properties are on a monopoly board? What is the probability of landing on a railroad one time as you go around the board? Listen in for a few laughs as we try to answer some of these questions and more. 

2:10 Skyline

54:25 Infrastructure

1:52:50 Monopoly Game

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