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In this episode, Coach Matt and Tim discuss the Straddle options strategy, specifically in relation to how straddles work with the implied volatility cycle. As earnings season is mostly finished, we can now start to look out for the next earnings season. Implied volatility tends to build in the 4-6 weeks prior to a company's earnings report, and options traders can build trades to take advantage of the IV build, using the Straddle or Strangle strategy.  Listen in to the conversation about vega, implied volatility, and the straddle trade during this week's feature. 

Before that, the coaches discuss the broad markets during our weekly skyline. Stocks have pushed back towards highs on the S&P 500 and Dow, while the Nasdaq has recovered some.  Crude oil is threatening a breakout, and gold continues its uptrend. Bitcoin got pummelled last week and is now trying to find some support. Listen in to the coaches discuss everything impacting the markets during this segment. 

1:45 Market Skyline

35:16 Volatility Build

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig joins us for a conversation about Covered Calls. Covered Calls are a popular cash-flow strategy for investors and traders alike. Coach Tim and Tyler discuss the details of how to build a Covered Call, their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages during the feature. Then, Coach Matt and Mark join our discussion on how to manage Covered Calls.

Before that, the coaches analyze the markets from a top-down perspective during our weekly skyline. Stocks have increased volatility in the past week, with some selling early last week, and a rally to close out the week. The cyclical areas of the market continue to lead, while tech and others trail.  Gold broke out Monday, a continuation of its developing trend. Listen in for our thoughts and analysis on what is moving markets this week.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim to predict the NBA playoffs that start this week.  Who do you have winning the title in basketball?

2:15 Market Skyline

34:15 Covered Calls

1:14:20 NBA Playoff Predictions

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In this episode, Coach Mark sits down with Coach Matt to discuss inflation, its current state, and its potential impact on the economy if it continues rising. Inflation is the general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money over time. Dovish Fed policy, including zero interest rate policy, and quantitative easing has devalued the US Dollar and driven inflation. Listen in to Matt's insights on the topic and how it may impact markets moving forward.

Before that, the coaches discuss the current state of the markets during our weekly skyline. Technology stocks have underperformed recently, while Basic Material, Industrials, Energy, and Finance have led. Crude oil has moved to the top of its range, while Gold broke out recently. Listen in as we discuss the markets, from a top-down perspective.

1:10 Market Skyline

37:35 Inflation Questions

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In this episode, the coaches discuss the market adage 'sell in May and go away' and its relevance in today's market. For nearly 200 years, market participants have used the saying to describe an investor that sold their stocks in May, went on vacation for the summer, and bought back in later in the fall. It's a superstition and commonly used phrase, but, is it a valid bit of advice for markets in 2021? Coach Matt, Mark, Gino, and Tim discuss some of the data regarding market performance in the summer months and debunk some of this market superstition during our feature presentation.

Before that, we analyze markets during our weekly skyline. Stocks continue to consolidate near all-time highs after a busy week of earnings reports. Gold's trend is firming up, Oil continues to hold its range, and Bitcoin bounced off the lows but's still off its all-time highs. Listen in as the coaches discuss the current market conditions and give insights into how they're approaching it.

1:40 Market Skyline

39:20 Sell in May

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