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In this episode, we review our 2021 predictions in the markets now that we're at the halfway point thru the year. Listen in as we discuss the predictions we made in January, and analyze how the market performance across stocks, gold, bitcoin, sectors, oil, and other areas have shaped up, and how we see them moving forward through the rest of 2021. 

Before that, we analyze the current market conditions in this week's skyline. Tech has been the leading sector the past week, and it is pushing all-time highs. Cyclical's have shifted in pattern, and are forming bearish retracements. Oil has remained bullish, and gold is fighting for support. Listen in as Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the current news and trends in the market.

1:45 Market Skyline

36:50 Mid Year Review

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig joins us to discuss his recent newsletter on how to fight inflation. Inflation is the topic of many conversations surrounding the financial markets as prices in many areas like homes, lumber, industrial metals, food, and used cars have surged in the last 6-12 months. During the feature presentation, Tyler sits down with Tim to discuss what inflation is, why it matters to individuals, and how to protect yourself from it.

Before that, Matt, Mark, Tim, and Tyler discuss recent market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks bounced Monday after a sell-off last week post FOMC meeting where the Fed signaled a potential interest rate hike in 2023, up from 2024. China continues to crack down on bitcoin, shutting down 26 mining operations in the Sichuan Province, Crude Oil continues its strength, and Gold is fighting for support after its sell-off. Listen in as the coaches give their thoughts and discuss the current market conditions. 

Lastly, Coach Mark has selected 20 of his favorite Time Travel movies and the coaches have to guess which ones make the top of the list in our weekly game. What is your favorite time travel movie of all-time?

2:05 Market Skyline

43:10 How to Fight Inflation w Tyler Craig

1:18:15 Time Travel Game


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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig, Emily Muiruri, and Mark Justice join us to discuss the launch of Trading Labs at Tackle Trading. Each of these Coach's will lead a Trading Labs Team of students that are focused specifically on the techniques and approach the coach uses in the market. Listen in to hear the coaches discuss what trading labs are and how they plan on running each of their Trading Labs' Teams which include Coach Mark's Cashflow Vikings, Coach Emily's Dynasty Investors and Coach Tyler's Phoenix. 

Before that, the coaches discuss the markets during our weekly skyline. Equities are trading near all-time highs, as the Nasdaq 100 and Russell 2000 have picked up their performance recently. The FOMC meets this week to discuss monetary policy, oil continues its push higher and gold has been consolidating as it stalled at resistance. Listen in to hear the coach's insights into the current market conditions, and how they're approaching them.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks the panel of coaches three questions he's received from students recently in the Coaches Mailbag. How do you set goals? How do you approach markets when there are key economic reports in front of you? How do you trade Cash Flow strategies when market volatility is low?  Listen in to the coaches answer these questions from our community. 

2:00 Market Skyline

37:55 Trading Labs

1:21:00 Mailbag

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In this episode, Coach Matt discusses the core trading pattern, the Bullish Breakout, and explains the primary and secondary qualifications of how to build a Bullish Breakout trade. Listen in as Matt talks about the primary qualifications of pattern recognition, liquidity requirements, price confirmation, and the Reward to Risk ratios, as well as the role secondary qualifications play when trading breakouts during this week's feature. 

Before that, Mark, Tim, and Matt discuss the current market condition during the weekly Market Skyline. The Russell 2000 small-cap index is leading stocks and threatening a breakout, while the S&P 500 and DJIA are also within reach of their all-time highs. Crude Oil broke out last week and pushed towards $70 per barrel, Gold is maintaining its bullish trend, while Bitcoin remains volatile and in a range. Listen in to this weekly segment to hear the coach's analysis and insights.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Matt and Tim to guess which companies were the top revenue, and highest market capitalization at different points over the past 50 years. Do you know who was the largest company in 1977? 1999? Listen in and play the game along with the coaches in this fun segment.

1:50 Market Skyline

58:10 Anatomy of a Breakout

1:39:10 Game of Caps

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In this episode, Coach Tim sits down with Coach Mark to discuss Cash Flow principles and shares 7 tips for new Cash Flow traders. Listen in to this week's feature to learn how pattern identification, fundamental analysis, price appreciation, covered call rolling, managing leverage, setting reasonable goals, and having a proper mindset all play into a successful approach to Cash Flow trading and investing.

Before that, Mark and Tim discuss the current market conditions during this week's skyline. Stocks are stalling at technical resistance after a strong week of economic data showed GDP expand 6.4% in Q1 but inflation pressures remain as the PCE showed 3.1% inflation over the past year. Crude Oil is breaking out, and energy stocks are up Monday in response, while Gold maintains its uptrend. Listen in for all of our thoughts and insights into what is driving financial markets this week. 

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