Trading Justice

In this episode, Coach Mark sits down with Coach Matt to discuss the Federal Reserve's upcoming tapering program. When the Fed cut short-term interest rates to zero in March 2020, they also started buying treasuries and mortgage-backed securities to the tune of $120B/month. Tapering is the gradual reduction of those purchases, although it doesn't reduce the fed's balance sheet. Listen in to learn more about tapering, what it is, and how it may impact markets moving forward.

Before that, the coaches analyze current market conditions during the weekly skyline. July's jobs report was robust, and the S&P 500 closed at record highs Friday after it was released. The Senate is moving the $1.2T infrastructure bill forward with procedural votes. Coach Matt details some results from a record earnings season, which is winding down. Listen in to gain insight into what's moving the markets this week.

1:40 Market Skyline

46:45 Tapering

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