Trading Justice

In this episode, we examine a recently published article that outlined 14 reasons why the market might crash. There seems to be an increasing number of articles on the internet detail all of the reasons why the top might be in for the market. We examine the points laid out in this article with a healthy dose of skepticism. While it is critical to always examine the “other side of the trade” we found the case made here to b somewhat lacking.

Before that, the coaches analyze the market conditions during our weekly skyline. Jackson Hole has come and gone and Matt breaks down Jay Powell’s speech and what it might mean in regards to tapering, tightening and how the market reacted to it. In addition, the coaches discuss the commodities sector and the main stories in the market for the week. ‘

Lastly, Coach Mark pulls a few questions from the Student Mailbag to answer this week. Is AT&T a good stock? How should you handle intraday support? What are the fundamental criteria used for the Tackle 25? These questions were addressed this week.

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