Trading Justice

In this episode, Coach Matt and Tim discuss the importance of understanding bullish reversal patterns. When prices move lower, traders and investors watch for technical analysis signals that the selling has stopped, and the trend is reversing to the upside. A trained technician can spot these opportunities through the identification of pivot point relationships, and chart patterns like the W pattern, inverted head and shoulders, and the 1-2-3 Reversal as taught in the STEP System. Listen in to this week's feature presentation where Coach Matt teaches how to better understand these powerful Bullish Reversal patterns.

Before that, the coaches discuss the current market conditions during this week's skyline. Stocks have started to form some bottoming patterns, but this week the markets will have earnings season start with 20 companies from the S&P 500 reporting.  Crude Oil and Bitcoin keep marching higher, and stocks are starting to build some reversal characteristics in their charts. Listen in to hear Matt and Tim's thoughts on market conditions and what to pay attention to moving forward. 

2:15 Market Skyline

32:45 Bullish Reversals

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