Trading Justice

In this episode, Tim and Matt discuss the vertical options strategy of the Bull Put Spread. Bull Puts involve selling a put and buying a put to generate cash flow. It's a bullish technique, which produces positive theta, and is a popular strategy for options traders. Listen in to this week's feature presentation where the coaches discuss the strategy, explain how to build a bull put spread, and give insight into how it fits into a trader's approach. 

Before that, the coaches analyze the current market conditions during the weekly skyline. Stocks have responded favorably to earnings season so far with the S&P 500 putting in a 4-day rally, a higher pivot low, and getting back above the 50 daily moving average. Last week, the banks were in focus lead by reports from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, but this week, it's a mixed bag as major companies from all sectors are set to report. Listen in to hear Matt and Tim's read on the market conditions this week. 

Market Skyline: 1:05

Feature: Bull Put Spread

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