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In this episode, Matt and Tim discuss the mindset and mechanics regarding the Covered Call equity and options strategy. Covered Calls are a great strategy to use in trading and investing account for capital appreciation and cash flow. Listen in to learn more about Covered Calls and how they can reduce volatility, give you a natural hedge, and more control in your returns. 

Before that, Matt and Tim discuss recent market action during our weekly skyline. Risk-on assets all tumbled on Friday but bounced back some Monday as the week opened up. The new Covid-19 variant, Omicron, has added some uncertainty to the minds of investors and that has led to the increase in volatility. Listen in to get the coach's insight into the current market conditions in stocks, commodities, and Bitcoin. 

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In this episode, Coach Matt teaches the Art of Swing Trading with lessons learned from the great trader Jesse Livermore. Matt does a great job breaking down these important technical concepts to help any trader understand them better. Listen in to learn more about swing trading, the 3 pillars to technical analysis, trends, patterns, support and resistance, and more. 

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig joins us to discuss the power of compounding. Tyler wrote the November newsletter on what Warren Buffett can teach about compounding and we asked him to sit down with Coach Tim to discuss the topic during our feature presentation. Listen in to learn how to spot greed traps and survivorship bias as well as the potential impact of reinvesting your profits back into your portfolio over time. 

Before that, Coach Matt and Tim discuss the current news and price action during our weekly skyline. Stocks have pulled back slightly in the past week after reaching record highs. Matt gives his thoughts on the importance of the infrastructure deal, he grades this quarter's earnings season and discusses the technical conditions we're in right now. Listen in for insight into the markets and get ready for the week ahead. 

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In this episode, Coach Greg Holmes joins us to have a discussion about Mutual Funds, Index Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds. Many investors use these vehicles to gain exposure to stocks, bonds, commodities. Market funds are the basis for many retirement accounts, as well. Listen in to Coach Matt and Greg discuss how these products work, what the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are, and how fees impact your retirement returns over time.

Before that, Matt and Tim discuss the market conditions during this week's skyline. Stocks are pushing all-time highs, earnings season is mostly over and many companies reported strong results, and Infrastructure just passed the House. Listen in to the coaches discuss the current market conditions and stories that you need to know about.

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In this episode, Coach Mark sits down with Matt to discuss Bitcoin proxies in the markets. Bitcoin proxies are the trading vehicles that are a substitute for trading Bitcoin directly, like ETF’s, mining stocks, crypto exchanges and individual companies that are correlated to Bitcoin. Mark explains some of those different ways you can trade Bitcoin via proxies as well as some of his favorites.

Before that, the coaches discuss the recent market conditions during our skyline. Earnings season is winding down, and stocks are pushing all-time highs. Investors are eyeing the FOMC policy meeting this week to hear what the Fed is going to do next. Listen in to hear the coaches’ insights and analysis in the markets right now.

1:45 Market Skyline

37:00 Bitcoin Proxies

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