Trading Justice

In this episode, Coach Tim gives out the awards for the most accurate of last year's stock market, oil, gold, bitcoin, US dollar, and sector predictions. Also, Coach Mark, Emily, Frank, Greg, Matt, and Tim make predictions for what will happen across the stock market, sectors, gold, oil, bitcoin, and Interest Rates in 2022. Make sure you listen to the end to hear our 'wild-card' predictions as well. 

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In this episode, Coach Tim teaches Portfolio Design for Beginners.  Listen in to learn about the importance of portfolio design with thoughts on cash flow, growth, and speculation strategies. Learn more about capital allocation rules, position-sizing, the risk of ruin, and a proper mindset on how to approach learning to trade.

Before that, Coach Matt and Tim discuss current market conditions during this week's Skyline. Worries about the omicron variant, Senator Joe Manchin stating that he will not support President Biden's social spending bill, and the Fed's hawkish sentiment from last week's meeting have the markets feeling uncertain and price action under pressure. Listen in to hear the coach's thoughts on the major stories of the week, and what to pay attention to moving forward. 

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig teaches how he approaches his daily trading routine. Building a daily trading routine can help you make your approach more consistent and structured, follow your rules, and increase the effectiveness of the time you spend in the markets. Listen in to this week's feature to learn how Tyler approaches his, and get some tips and tricks that can help you build your own daily routine. 

Before that, Coach Mark and Tim discuss this week's market action, and news, in this week's Skyline. Stocks rallied last week, but are stalling near resistance. Mark discusses the impact of the Omicron variant on sentiment and different sectors. Listen in to get the coach's thoughts on current market conditions and what to pay attention to in the week ahead. 

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In this episode, we welcome Tyler Craig back to the podcast to discuss recent market volatility. Tyler is a trading coach at Tackle Trading, veteran investor, architect of the Bear Market Survival Guide, and a great educator. Listen in to the feature presentation to hear Tyler's thoughts on how to interpret, understand, and whether the current market volatility. Tyler also discusses the pros and cons of protective put buying, and covered call writing, in markets like this. 

Before that, Coach Matt and Tim discuss recent market news and price action during our weekly skyline regarding the major news of the week. The Omicron variant, OPEC+ Meetings, Fed Chair Powell discussion inflation, and tapering of bond purchases, as well as a Crypto sell-off, has been driving markets recently. Listen in for insight into these storylines, and how they may impact markets moving forward. 

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