Trading Justice
In this episode, Pete Thomas joins Coach Matt for a discussion on the current state of the metals markets. Pete is one of the best analysts on the gold market, a 5-decade veteran trader of the markets, and an individual you want to learn from. Listen in to another great discussion between Matt and Pete.

Before that, Coaches Tim, Mark, and Matt discuss the current state of the markets during our skyline. The wall of worry is building in the markets, as earnings season has been uninspiring, the FOMC meeting is this week with uncertain messaging expected from the Fed and Jerome Powell, and Russia is rumored to be close to invading Ukraine. Listen to the coach's thoughts on these topics and market volatility to better understand what is happening out there.

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In this episode, Coach Matt and Tim discuss the basics of candlestick analysis in reading charts. Candlesticks are built through a few simple data points - the open, high, low, and close/last - but are incredibly powerful visually for traders who want to interpret data quickly to make decisions about what is happening in the price action of a chart. Listen in to the coaches discuss candlestick analysis, and how you can use it in your trading. 

Before that, Matt and Tim discuss the current news and price action in the marketplace during our weekly skyline. Stocks have been selling the last few days, and are down to start the week. Unclear messaging from the Fed, a rotation into defensive sectors, and the start of earnings season are all impacting markets this week. Listen in to hear our thoughts on the major stories of the week, and what you need to know about their market impact. 

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In this episode, Coach Matt and Tim discuss the Tackle 25 Covered Call List (2022 Edition). Each year, Tackle Trading releases its top 25 stocks with strong fundamental and technical criteria, that are also great option trading candidates for strategies like Covered Calls and Naked Puts. There are 4 lists in total, Tackle 25, Dividend Fireworks, Poor Boys Covered Calls, and Dirty Sexy Money. Listen in to our feature presentation to learn about these lists, their creation, the process of how they are built, and how to use them in your trading and investing. 

Before that, the coaches discuss the current market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks are selling on Wednesday after the FOMC minutes were released signaling that the Fed is ready to dial back policy support and reduce the size of its balance sheet. Listen in to get insight into what it means to the market, and what else to watch for in the week ahead. 

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