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In this episode, Coach Tim and Tyler discuss the Black Scholes Model and give an overview of how to understand and use the options greeks. The 'Greeks' help option traders evaluate positions and better determine how option prices may change as underlying factors change. Listen in to learn more about Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma, and Rho, and how you can use them in your trading.

Before that, the coaches discuss recent market volatility during the market skyline. The S&P 500 is now down more than -10% from its peak, which is officially a correction. Volatility has arrived, and traders are now watching charts to see if pivot lows will form and support will form or hold. Listen in to get the coach's thoughts on stocks, oil, gold, and bitcoin. 

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig teaches the principles of swing trading with options during our feature presentation. Swing trading is a commonly used time frame for many traders, and options are the product that traders love to learn about because of their complexity, reduced cost, and leverage. Listen in to learn more about long calls, long puts, risk graphs, and the power of leverage from Tyler.

Before that, Matt and Tim discuss the current state of the markets during our weekly skyline. The situation in Ukraine has created some short-term volatility, earnings season has mostly winded down, and inflation continues to show itself through recent economic reports. Listen in to hear Matt and Tim’s thoughts on these topics.

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In this episode, Coach Matt and Tim discuss the Long Call option strategy. A trader is long a call when they purchase one or more call options on an underlying security in anticipation of an upward movement in the underlying price. Listen in to learn about this powerful speculative, leveraged, directional strategy.

Before that, the coaches discuss current market conditions across stocks, commodities, and bitcoin during the weekly skyline. Coach Matt gives an update on earnings season, which has been busy over the last week, as well as a technical update on the markets as they continue with volatility. Listen in for insight into whats most important in the markets this week.

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In this episode, Coach Matt teaches the basics of Support when reading technical charts. Support represents a key price level and the location that demand comes in to drive the price back up. Traders use this level for a variety of important reasons. Listen in to learn more from Matt on support.

Before that, Tim and Matt discuss the current market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks have rebounded in the last week, and optimism is building for the bulls after a rough January. Listen in to hear the coaches thoughts on the fed, earnings season, price action and more. 

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