Trading Justice

Kenny Polcari is a Managing Partner of Kace Capital Advisors, Senior Market Strategist of Slatestone Wealth, and a frequent media contributor across many platforms. Listen in to hear Kenny talk about his history on the New York Stock Exchange, the beginning of the 40-year bull market in 1982 when Paul Volker lowered interest rates, the crash of 1987, and more insight and wisdom from him. Kenny also is an advocate for the Headstrong Project, a non-profit providing free mental-health treatment for veterans with PTSD.

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40:40 Kenny Polcari

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In this episode of the podcast Matt and Mark discuss the important and being data driven as a trader and they discuss the 7 steps to trading.
  • Start at the Top of the Market
  • Select Strategy
  • Find a Trade
  • Plan the Trade
  • Place the Trade
  • Manage the Trade
  • Journal the Trade
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42:40 7 STEPs to Trading

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In this episode of the podcast Matt brings on Tyler Craig from Tackle Trading to discuss why implied volatility matters to options traders.

There are the six inputs to the pricing model:

  • Stock price
  • Strike price
  • Time to expiration
  • Volatility
  • Dividends
  • Interest Rates

Five of the six variables are known. The sixth is unknown. It is an educated guess or estimate, usually based on past performance. Can you guess which one it is?

The answer is volatility.

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28:50 Implied Volatility

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In this episode of the podcast Matt & Mark discuss the importance of moving averages in the feature presentation. Before that, they break down the markets in the skyline including thoughts on the upcoming fed minutes.

  1. What are moving averages?
  2. Why are the important?
  3. How do traders use moving averages?

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57:30 Moving Averages

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