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In episode 478 of the Trading Justice podcast Mark and Matt take a journey through the market skyline as they discuss the current market reversal and what is needed for confidence to come back to the bulls. In the feature, Tim conducts an interview with Derrick Oldensmith to discuss prop trading, the trader's mindset, and more.

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1:11:15 Derrick Oldensmith

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In episode 477 of the Trading Justice pod the boys welcome in Travis Corcoran author of Restoring Reason to discuss critical thinking as well the importance of self taught education.

Before that, Mark and Matt take a journey through the market skyline and discuss sector rotation at the bottom of markets, things to look for in bottoming conditions and debate the value question.

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In this edition of the Podcast, Matt welcomes Pete Thomas of Zaner Precious Metals to the show to discuss all things precious metals.Why is gold not catching a bid? is there a buying opportunity coming in at the lows? Pete and Matt answer these questions and more in episode 476!

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Pearl Li is a stock and options trader who started her career in 2016 after working as a product manager in corporate America with Amazon and Nielsen Company. Listen in as Pearl describes starting out in her education, struggling as a beginner, but pushing forward because of her deep why and drive to succeed. Pearl discusses the psychology of successful trading, leaving corporate jobs, succeeding as an entrepreneur as a woman, and the emotions of money.

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David Keller is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), Chief Market Strategies at, subject matter expert on investing, trading, and financial markets. A few of David’s areas of focus are mindfulness, behavioral finance, and technical analysis. Listen to David sit down with Coach Tim Justice to talk about current market conditions, daily routines, proper mindset, the most common mistakes beginner traders make, and the first trading book he’d recommend for any new student of the markets.

Quotes from David’s interview:
‘A consistent imperfect routine is better than an inconsistent perfect routine.’
‘Successful traders are less about home runs and more about streaks’

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43:45 David Keller

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