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Welcome to episode 486 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark & Matt take a journey through the market skyline breaking down the indexes, sector analysis, and a review of earning season so far.

The boys also debate when the fed could pivot from hawkish to dovish and the important of a fed pivot.

Get ready for all the action this week with Trading Justice!

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Welcome to episode 485 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark & Matt break down the market activity over the past week, discuss what to expect from the market this week as they journey through the market syline including coversations on gold, oil, bitcoin and the USD.

Market Skyline: 1:10

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Welcome to episode 484 of the Trading Justice podcast where Matt welcomes Tyler Craid from Tackle Trading to take us on a journey through the Market Skyline as they discuss the importance of the improving technical condition and what is needed to take the market higher.

Earnings season is fast approaching and Matt and Tyler want to get you prepared. Fundamental analysts are gearing up to digest new quarterly numbers. Economists are excited to see what the great companies of the world will say about earnings trends. Finally, technical analysts are annoyed at the bevy of gaps about to blow holes into otherwise clean price charts.

To prepare you, let’s review 10 things you need to know about earnings season.

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Feature: 43:20

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In the latest edition of the podcast the boys break down the importance of management of the covered call.

1. Manage the Strike Price: this is a subjective decision the trader must make if they do not want to get the stock taken from them in an investment, as a position trade, the decision is typically made at strike sold.

2. Management of Net Liquidation: This concept goes to managing the downside risk in a stock investment and is based on an understanding of the Option Greeks.

1:35 Market Skyline

44:20 Covered Call Management

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