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Welcome to episode 491 of the Trading Justice Podcast where Mark & Matt take a journey through the skyline talking the fed, Jay Powell's recent hawkish speach, Neil Kashkari saying the quiet part out loud, and may other things in the skyline.

After that, Tim interviews Larry Sprung who is the Founder and Wealth Advisor at Mitlin Financial IncĀ® a wealth management firm, an Investopedia Top Ten Advisor for 2022, and has spent over 12 years on the National Board for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Listen into this interview with Larry and Coach Tim where Larry discusses how to handle market volatility, teaching kids about money, the entrepreneur mindset, and mental health awareness.

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Welcome to episode #490 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark & Matt discuss all things market related in the Market Skyline with conversations on the pull back in the market, buy opportunity or concern? 

After that, Tim brings a wonderful interview with After that, Tim interviews Bran Katanec  who is a mentor, podcast host, author and musician. He has been a teacher and a mentor to many. With a meditation-based approach and his background in the healing arts, Bran helps people find empowerment. Listen to Coach Tim and Bran discuss his story of overcoming a life of adversity, living through war and poverty, risk taking and decision making, creativity, and using music to help him get through difficult times.

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Welcome to epi 489 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark and Matt take a journey through the skyline analyzing the market, oil, sectors, gold and Bitcoin!!!

After the Skyline Coach Tim brings another amazing interview with Michael Lynch who is a Certified Financial Planner with nearly twenty years of experience working with American families to craft plans that fund their dreams, educate their children, and finance their retirement.

Listen to Coach Tim and Michael talk about his new book 'It's all about the Income', what it means to be financially stable, having a good work-life balance, and some common mistakes new investors make.

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Welcome to episode 488 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark & Matt take a journey thorugh the market skyline with discussions on the following:

1) Earning Season performance

2) Sector roundup / rotation

3) F discussion

4) What does the market need for another breakout

5) What to expect with the inflation reports this week


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Welcome to episode 487 of the Trading Justice pod where the boys break down the wall of worry and give an update to the podcast from March where they laid out the original Wall of Worry which are macro events the market is focused on.

1. Fed normalizing IR

2. Inflation

3. Stagflation

4. Supply chain crisis

5. Russia / Ukrain

Sit back and enjoy the macro conversation from Mark & Matt including a discussion on whether China is now in the Wall of Worry,

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