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Welcome to episode 499 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark and Matt take a deep look at the Financial Crisis of 2008. The Justice brothers breakdown the Financial Crisis into five stages from its origins in late 2006 to the bottom process following massive intervention from central banks and government in the spring of 2009. Plenty of nuggets in the fascinating dive in the last true bear market before our current one. In addition, the Justice boys break down recent market action following The Fed’s coordinated messaging this last Friday on a “step down” of future interest rate hikes. What that means, earnings and so much more is part of a can’t miss episode of the Trading Justice podcast.

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Welcome to episode 498 of the Trading Justice podcast. This week Mark and Matt have a power podcast as they discuss the storylines in the market. The narrative remains the same from a macro perspective but the Justice boys break down what they believe their base case for the market is for the coming months. The dollar, earnings season, technical support levels, The Fed, recessionary chatter…it all plays a roll and Mark and Matt break down the analysis in this week’s podcast. Sit back and crack open the beverage of your choice and listen to another dynamic edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 497 of the Trading Justice podcast. As the macro storyline dominates the headlines, earnings season has snuck up upon us. Mark asks Matt several questions around earnings season as they evaluate what is a critical earnings season for the markets in the face of tremendous uncertainty. Fundamentals, what sectors to look out for, guidance, algo response…the Justice brothers break it all down as earnings season kicks off. Mark also asks Matt his thoughts on the major issues facing the markets, key support levels and much more. Come listen to anther dynamic edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 496 of the Trading Justice podcast. Mark and Matt break down what has been a very interesting start to the trading week. Risk assets are soaring to start the week after rampant speculation of a Fed pause which only gained more steam after a dovish surprise out of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Bear market rally or something more? The Justice brothers analyze this storyline that is the center of the investing world to start the week.

Mark also asks Matt on his thoughts on OPEC, upcoming earning season and how to view V-shaped rallies. Come listen to anther dynamic edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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