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Welcome to episode 512 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark and Matt discuss the “week of weeks” coming up. A lot going on in the market this week…Apple earnings, unemployment report, central bank decisions from around the world and of course a key speech from Jay Powell. Mark and Matt discuss all of the events and macro storylines feeding into the events. Will we have any resolution on these storylines at the end of the week? Probably not but the Justice brothers discuss the key technical levels that could trigger significant action. Small-caps, gold and bitcoin are also discussed in a jam-packed episode of the podcast. Sit back and create your favorite drinking game for Jay Powell’s speech tomorrow as you listen to another illuminating episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 511 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark and Matt discuss the bull-bear debate in the market. Bulls have control of short-term price action but many bears are holding firm. There is a real debate amongst many market participants about the next move in the market both in the short-term and the longer-term. Mark and Mark break down the core bullish and bearish arguments and the catalysts that could impact them in the coming weeks. A fun and lively conversation filled with a ton of data…as you would expect from the Justice brothers. One thing that there will be no debate on is your satisfaction level after listening to this podcast so sit back and enjoy another hour of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 510 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark and Matt discuss the upcoming earnings season. Both Justice brothers tongue-in-cheek reference to the upcoming earnings season as the “most important earnings season ever” but there is undoubtedly significance to the earnings and guidance that will be released in the coming weeks. With bulls and bears heavily debating the upside/downside of the market, earnings and guidance will play a huge role in the narrative in the coming months. In addition to a discussion on earnings, the Justice boys talk about the big storylines in the market in the Market Skyline segment. The Fed, inflation, China…it is all there. Our forward guidance is that you will have a great time listing to this podcast so sit back, crack open the adult beverage of your choice and enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

Market Skyline 1:35

Earnings Expectations: 44:10

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Welcome to episode 509 of the Trading Justice podcast and the first podcast of the new year! The first podcast of the year means it is time to discuss the release of the annual Tackle 25. One thing bulls and bears all agree on is that 2023 will be a stock pickers market. Finding companies that have tremendous fundamentals is an important standard in 2023. Finding those type of companies that also have amazing cash flow opportunities…well that is what the Tackle 25 is all about! Matt and Mark discuss the release of the Tackle 25 and some examples of new companies that made the list this year. The boys also discuss the changing narratives in the market as we transition from inflation/Fed to recession/earnings. What does that mean for the market in the coming months and what events could alter the narrative are discussed. So sit back and bring the new year in right with another jam packed edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

Market Skyline 1:00

Tackle 25 Conversation 45:00

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