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Welcome to episode 510 of the Trading Justice podcast where Mark and Matt discuss the upcoming earnings season. Both Justice brothers tongue-in-cheek reference to the upcoming earnings season as the “most important earnings season ever” but there is undoubtedly significance to the earnings and guidance that will be released in the coming weeks. With bulls and bears heavily debating the upside/downside of the market, earnings and guidance will play a huge role in the narrative in the coming months. In addition to a discussion on earnings, the Justice boys talk about the big storylines in the market in the Market Skyline segment. The Fed, inflation, China…it is all there. Our forward guidance is that you will have a great time listing to this podcast so sit back, crack open the adult beverage of your choice and enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

Market Skyline 1:35

Earnings Expectations: 44:10

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