Trading Justice

Welcome to episode 525 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys do what they do best…break down the top news stories driving price action! While recession, inflation, stagflation, and The Fed will undoubtedly fight for the market’s attention in the coming months, right now it is all about earnings season. Big cap tech certainly stole the headlines this week but was the reaction warranted? How are earnings overall doing this season? Are we seeing broad participation in all the sectors? Matt breaks down all the data and the boys do a look ahead at the coming week. Gold is also holding an interesting short-term support level as we start the week. How will the upcoming debt ceiling fight play into gold? This in addition to look at commodities, crypto and the upcoming Fed meeting in another jam-packed podcast episode. However companies do this week in earnings, you can expect this podcast episode to beat the top and bottom line! So sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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