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Welcome to episode 585 of the Trading Justice podcast where report cards have been issued for the first half of the year. Matt and Mark give letter grades to various areas of the market in the first six months as they break down the different indices, sectors, and major commodities. In their analysis, it just is not “how well did you do” but what were the overall trading conditions in different areas in the first half? What lessons can be learned from the first half of 2024? What are some things to look forward to in the second half? A great review podcast that you will find informative and enjoyable. So sit back and grade along with us as you enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 584 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers talk markets. Tech is all the rage lately but how does one logically make determinations on when to put on the breaks and maybe take a little profit? Matt builds a case for methods to determine this in a rules-based and systematic approach though indicators such as P.A.Y (potential average yield). It is a fascinating technical conversation that you do not want to miss. The brothers also discuss a potential oil reversal pattern, how political influence creeps into the mindset of traders, gold, and how the “surprise index” could be setting up for broad rally from a contrarian point of view. It is a jammed packed podcast that you don’t want to miss so sit back and enjoy another tremendous edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

1:00 AI Webinar 

13:00 Understand PAY

47:00 Energy Reversal 

57:00 Recession Obsession 

1:19:30 Gold 

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Welcome to episode 583 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers break down the low breadth in the market. A lot is being made in recent weeks of the gap between the “haves” and “have nots” as big-cap tech leads the market. There is certainly a wide gap between the cap-weighted index (SPY) versus the equally weighted index (RSP). However, what does this signify? A lot of commentary points to this being a sign of a weak market with only a few stocks leading but what do the Justice boys think? Their analysis might surprise you but certainly will leave you illuminated! What is the trade they are most excited for next? The Justice boys analyze the whole topic from A to Z. The market may have bad breadth lately but we have the mouthwash to make it feel crisp and clean so sit back and enjoy another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 582 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys talk about splits. Nvidia, the most important stock in the known universe, has a 10-1 split on Monday. How has the price action of past larger companies performed after splits? What can one expect after the Nvidia split? What is the correlation between the stock price and market performance after the split? Matt breaks down all the key numbers. The Justice boys also have a cannot miss conversation on why the Fed is set to cut interest rates. Matt walks through the logic and Mark adds some color to analysis that you just will not find anywhere else. The brothers also talk about the week ahead, OPEC’s strategic shift, gold, and the lack of broad participation in the market currently. A podcast you simply must listen to as it contains some gems. So, sit back as we will not 10-1 split you as you enjoy another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

5:00 Jobs Report

9:45 Gold

14:45 SPY Breakdown

27:00 Feds Poker Tell

54:00 Opec Market Share 

1:07:00 NVDA Split 

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Welcome to episode 581 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers talk a little turf war. Semiconductors up, software down, one of these must give. Matt breaks down the emerging narrative coming out of earnings between software and semiconductors and the ramifications it has not only in the tech space but the market itself. In the podcast the boys also discuss the different forms of consolidation the markets are experiencing, the interesting close to the week, the importance of recognizing true economic catalysts, and outline the busy calendar over the next two weeks. Oh, and of course gold, oil, the dollar and much more! A jam-packed podcast as you have come to expect. So, sit back and relax, you are on friendly turf here, as you enjoy another edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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