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Welcome to episode 582 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys talk about splits. Nvidia, the most important stock in the known universe, has a 10-1 split on Monday. How has the price action of past larger companies performed after splits? What can one expect after the Nvidia split? What is the correlation between the stock price and market performance after the split? Matt breaks down all the key numbers. The Justice boys also have a cannot miss conversation on why the Fed is set to cut interest rates. Matt walks through the logic and Mark adds some color to analysis that you just will not find anywhere else. The brothers also talk about the week ahead, OPEC’s strategic shift, gold, and the lack of broad participation in the market currently. A podcast you simply must listen to as it contains some gems. So, sit back as we will not 10-1 split you as you enjoy another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

5:00 Jobs Report

9:45 Gold

14:45 SPY Breakdown

27:00 Feds Poker Tell

54:00 Opec Market Share 

1:07:00 NVDA Split 

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