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  podcast Intro: Tim Justice 1:57 Market Skyline 22:57 Strategy of the week (Shorting a Stock) 27:49 Shorting Stock Checklist 34:10 Where to find Terminology ( Coaches Mail Bag) 42:44 Importance of Back-testing 48:05 Interview with Trace Fasano 1:37:15 Clown of the Week
Episode 202 gives our listeners the 101 on the Dow 20k. What does it really mean for the market? Our strategy of the week will give clarity for those who are unsure of how to exactly short a stock with bearish tendencies. The Justice brothers give a beautiful explanation and checklist for the short sale of a stock. This week we had plenty of questions for our coaches mailbag, we've picked the best of the best to answer during the podcast. All of this, and the long awaited interview with Trace Fasano. Find out what the NYSE was like in the early 90s and how things in the trading world have changed since.
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podcast Intro: Matt Justice 1:51 Market Skyline 6:01 Adventures of a New Trader 13:21 Trading Rules and Chart Reading 18:24 Clown of the Week 33:42 Pete Thomas Interview (Personal Gold Standard) 41:09 Sean Gray Interview  (Investing 101)
The Trading Justice podcast has put together a podcast for all the new and upcoming traders of the world. From common place terminology to advance chart reading, new traders may get lost in the sauce. The silver lining in all of this is that learning is best accomplished by doing.  Coach Matt Justice schools a young grasshopper in this week's episode. Also special Throwback Thursday interviews from Pete Thomas and Sean Gray.
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podcast Intro: Tim Justice 2:39: A Look back (Tim, Matt) 12:22: Interview Tyler Craig 37:31 Interview Greg Holmes 53:45 Interview Brad May 1:10:58: Interview Keith King 1:45:32 Interview Jake Larmour 2:08:03  Fireside with The Fab Four (Gino, Matt, Tim, Noah)
 The long awaited episode 200 is here! Trading Justice has put together a group of interviews to take a look back on where we've come from, and where we plan to go. From young stallions in the game of trading to wise seasoned veterans, this episode has a message for everyone. The fabulous four  (Gino, Matt, Tim, Noah) have a great conversation after a few incredible interviews. Special guests: Tyler Craig, Greg Holmes, Brad May, Keith King, Jake Larmour.
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podcast 00:52 Market Update 6:05 New Years Resolutions are for suckers! 9:27  Market Skyline 17:27 Dow over 20k? 22:17 Coaches Mailbag 30:54 Traders on the Clubhouse 37:15 Balance is Key 45:11 National Champ Predictions 49:39 Strategy of the Week 1:00:11 Clown of the Week
Another week another great podcast. In episode 199 we focus our attention on some new segments. The coaches take a bird's eye view of the markets in Market Skyline. We also take some questions posed to our coaches from the community in Coaches Mailbag. With so many different trading strategies, how do you know what one to use? This episode we introduce Strategy of the week. All these segments and much more in Trading Justice episode 199.
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Intro by Tim Justice
2:41 Market update
26:59 S&P predictions 32:12 Matt Justice and Rocky IV 41:03 S&P Historically and Price correction 53:39 Final words on the S&P 57:10 Dollar Predictions 1:02:15 Oil Predictions 1:04:54 Gold/Silver Prediction 1:12:12 Bitcoin Prediction and Warning 1:25:14 Wildcard Prediction
 Last year the coaches at Tackle Trading and the Trading Justice podcast were spot on with some of their predictions. This year let's heed the advice of these bright wise owls. This podcast is one for the books that will have you completely informed and entertained. Great predictions and a solo from Matt Justice, no fear he hasn't stopped coaching to pursue a singing career. Trading Justice episode 198 is here, enjoy!
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