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Everyone is in search of the secret sauce, the X factor that separates the winners from the pretenders. On episode 258 of the Trading Justice Podcast we share one man’s secret with the world. Steven Cindric joins us in our featured presentation to express to our listeners the key to success and how he was able to increase his portfolio by 80% in two years. After a sharp market correction, it seems that we are now on a rebound. Come find out how your favorite stocks ETFs and commodities are doing in our Market Skyline.


Intro: Tim Justice
Market Skyline: 1:31
Feat Presentation: 22:20
Coaches Mailbag: 49:07
Analyze This: 1:06:50 


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Episode 257 of the Trading Justice podcast invites a veteran in the game, Noah Davidson to host and share his insights on the wild ride that the market has been on in recent weeks. Our coaches spotlight segment introduces a strategy known as the back-ratio spread. Find out when this strategy is best applied in your trading portfolio. In our coaches’ mailbag segment, we discuss some incredible technical analysis and learning points. You do not want to miss those! The markets close for the holiday but Trading Justice is still hard at work. Enjoy episode 257!

Intro: Tim Justice
1:19 Loving words from TJ
16:01: Market Skyline
42:43: Feature Presentation
1:05:03: Coaches Mailbag
1:20:56: Hold My Beer

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Traders do not work hard and perform their due diligence for the rush…they do it because they know it will lead to long-term success. On episode 256 of the Trading Justice podcast we invite Brandon Brown to share a few of his experiences on his road to trading excellence. Before we go on a trip down memory lane, we will discuss the VIX in our Market Skyline segment. What is the VIX other than a trending topic now days? Enjoy episode 256 of the Trading Justice podcast!


Intro: Tim Justice 
1:30: Market Skyline
43:22: Feature Presentation
1:36:40: Coaches Mailbag


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In this edition of the Trading Justice Podcast we break down the book Flash Boys by Michael Lewis. As trading goes digital the Wall Street revolt began. Your host Matt and Tim Justice are joined by two of our tackle trading all stars, Cody Maki and Jing Li. Collectively these gentlemen will discuss, highlight and give their observations of this highly regarded piece of literature. As they say books are silent movies, so pop some popcorn and enjoy episode 255 of the trading justice podcast.

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Volatility has reentered the market! On episode 254 the Justice brothers discuss the recent pullback in the market. Is this the start of the bear market or a healthy move for a booming market? In our featured presentation, we invite friend of the show and longtime team member Christian Sisson to talk about system development. Come see how systems are not all cookie-cutter and tend to take on the personality of their creator. We wrap this show up with some incredible questions in our coaches’ mailbag


Intro: Tim Justice 
1:58: Market Skyline
53:49: Feature Presentation 
1:34:20: Coaches Mailbag

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