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In this episode, Coach Mark teaches his approach to a favorite cash flow strategy called the Boomerang trade.  The boomerang trade consists of selling naked puts and then covered calls in a cycle of cash flow. This is a simple and powerful approach to investing and trading.  Listen in as Tim asks Mark about his approach to this strategy as well as what types of candidates, he likes to trade the boomerang on.  Also, learn the risks of the boomerang trade, how to avoid some of the common traps new traders fall into. 

Boomerang trading is a great strategy for trading accounts as well as retirement accounts.  You’re going to love the simplicity of the approach, once you learn it. 

Before that, Matt, Tim, and Mark discuss the latest market conditions across stocks, commodities, currencies and more.  Stock markets have been moving higher after the recent commentary from the Federal Reserve regarding the economy and future interest rate policy.  Gold has rallied, Oil has been volatile, and bitcoin is above $11,000 again.  Listen in for all our analysis. 

Lastly, the boys play the All-Time High game where Mark pitches topics to Matt and Tim about movies, music, politics, and sports and asks them if they know what the All-Time high was for each topic.  Do you know what the most sold album of all time was?  How many touchdown passes were thrown in the All-Time high for one season? This is a fun segment, sit back and enjoy it!

1:30 Market Skyline

50:40 The Boomerang Trade

1:14:00 All Time High

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In this episode of the podcast, the team welcomes a familiar voice, Coach Noah Davidson, from Tackle Trading to discuss the Iron Condor Strategy.  Iron Condors are a limited risk, limited reward, neutral, cash flow options strategy designed to have high probability of profit when the underlying is range-bound within a certain price level.  It’s a great way to play neutral conditions and still generate positive cash flow.  Listen in as Matt and Noah discuss the philosophy, construction and rules behind this powerful trading strategy.

Before the feature, we analyze the key news and charts in our market skyline section.  The market has been stuck in a range as it’s waiting for clarity on interest rate policy from the Federal Reserve.  Oil has been under pressure, while gold has rallied as of late.  Will those trends continue?  Listen in for all of our opinions.

The boys also play a game of Locked In, which is a favorite on our podcast.  Lastly, we answer questions about put buying in an IRA as well as which strategies are best to develop monthly income from trading.

02:04 Market Skyline

38:14 Iron Condor

1:27:50 Locked In

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In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Tim play a game called ‘square off’ where they debate 8 different topics and Mark decides on who won the argument.  Is the FED put in full force?  Will they cut rates at or near an all time high?  Is the trade war easing down?  Does oil have downside protection?  Where will the dollar and gold move next?  Have some fun listening into the coaches discuss these topics.

Before that, we analyze the markets in our Skyline piece.  The equity markets have been volatile and driven by the recent news regarding the trade war.  The jobs report came out last Friday with mixed information, and the market rallied.  Why?  Listen in and get our full analysis of what is happening across stocks, commodities, currency and economics.

Lastly, we take questions from our students during the coaches’ mailbag segment.  What is the best way to put a stop loss on an option trade?  How do you learn a complex platform like Interactive Brokers?  Will you invest in the ETF UFO which tracks companies tied to space exploration and expansion?  What should you do when you’re losing on a Covered Call?  Get all of our answers during this fun segment.

1:26 Market Skyline

42:45 Square Off

1:34:30 Coaches Mailbag


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Trading Justice 324 is a special one. Rarely do we have a guest who comes on who gets the Justice brothers to feverishly take notes and beg them to come back before the interview is over. That is exactly what we occurred in this episode of the podcast as we were honored to have David Keller on this week. David is a past president of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Association, recently served as a Subject Matter Expert for Behavioral Finance, been the Managing Director of Research at Fidelity Investments in Boston as well as a technical analysis specialist for Bloomberg in New York. David’s responses to a wide range of questions was illuminating to say the least. This guy is simply awesome and if you don’t walk away from listening to this interview learning at LEAST three things we will be amazed.

In addition, Mark and Matt breakdown the market and what it may look like in the month of June. June could be interesting, and the Justice boys have opinions on where the market is leaning this month. To close it off Mark has “the most handsome” Justice brother play a word association game on a wide variety of topics.

Sit back and enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to register for the S.T.E.P. System webinar scheduled for this Wednesday at 8:30 P.M at

1:00 Market Skyline

30:30 David Keller

1:17:00 One Word

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