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In this episode, Tim sit's down with Matt to discuss the state of Financial Education in 2020.  Matt is the CEO of Tackle Trading, the architect of the STEP System course which teaches Stop Loss, Targeting, Entry Triggers and Position sizing to traders, and the co-host of this podcast.  Listen in as Matt talks about the approach to proper education, how to develop as a trader and how to use the STEP System course.  

The STEP System course is currently being offered at a 50% discount.  If you're not enrolled yet, you can do so here:

Before that, Mark and Tim analyze the current state of the markets during our skyline. Stocks are at support after a back and forth month.  The current risk in the market lies in Covid-19 cases spiking, continued tensions from China, bad economic data and a lack of further stimulus from the goverment that the market expects.  Will support hold?  That is yet to be determined.  We give you all of our insights and thoughts on the current state of markets during this section so you can be better informed.

Lastly, Mark has a game for Matt and Tim where we guess what acronyms are most popular via text message.  In today's form of communication, text is one of the most popular.  How do you shorten your conversations?  Have some LOL's with us while we have some fun guessing which ones are most popular today.

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In this episode, Matt, Tim and Mark discuss the current state of financial markets including some specific themes that are developing across different stock groupings.  Stocks have been resilient holding their current upward trends and patterns.  Participants have ignored recent Covid-19 data by and large, and have instead focused on buying into stocks in the Blue Chip category and pandemic specific plays.  Strength in these specific groups have been clear, while questions still remain regarding companies that are dependent on a re-opening of the economy.  We discuss all of the action during our Market Skyline and break down the difference of a V, U, W and L shaped recovery.  Listen in to get all of our analysis on these topics.

After that, Coach Mark has a game ready where he reads quotes from Federal Reserve Chairmen from the last 4 decades and Matt and Tim have to guess who said them.  Volker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and Powell have all had some interesting things to say over time, and we have some fun trying to name the person who matches up with the quote.

2:20 Market Skyline

1:33:10 Name that Quote


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In this episode, we welcome Noah Davidson to the podcast.  Noah is a trader, coach, instructor and charting specialist.  We talk to Noah about the recent technical conditions in stocks, Bullish Retracement patterns, how to qualify them and what he likes to see when they occur.  Listen in for a veteran traders insights into the conditions we see today.

Before that, Matt, Tim and Mark analyze the major themes in the market during our Skyline.  The Federal Reserve met last week, and markets reacted to their policy statement with selling.  Thursday's trading was the biggest drop in a few months for one day.  Along with that, we've seen an uptick in Covid-19 cases recently.  What does it all mean?  We break it down and give you some insight into how we're seeing this market reaction and the conditions in front of us right now.

Lastly, we bring back a popular game 'Clown of the Week' to have some fun.  All four coaches submit a candidate to earn their clown shoes.  This is a fun segment, that we have some laughs with.  Listen in to see if you agree on who deserves the award.

2:55 Market Skyline

37:30 Noah Davidson

1:18:30 Clown of the Week

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In this episode, we welcome Keith King back to the podcast to discuss current market conditions, trading in these environments, and the long term fundamental outlook.  Keith is a veteran trader, former market maker on the Boston and New York stock exchanges, mentor, and excellent teacher of how to trade.  Listen in for his insights, wisdom, and perspective on how to trade in this market.

Before that, we analyze all the market from a top-down approach in our Market Skyline segment.  Stocks have been very bullish, breaking out and holding trends.  The entire market has been in a Risk-taking mode for some time.  Will it continue?  Matt, Mark, and Tim discuss and provide our insights during this weekly segment.

Lastly, Coach Tim asks the boys quiz questions about some of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  The quarterback is one of the most important, and most discussed, positions in sports.  Who has the most passing TDs of all time?  Interceptions?  Sacks?  We have some fun talking about sports during this segment.

2:00 Market Skyline

41:26 Keith King

1:51:30 Random Game

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In this episode, we welcome Jabon Wilson back to the podcast.  Jabon is a trader, entrepreneur, great conversationalist, and student of the markets.  We talk to Jabon about his journey, his recent break from trading, his comeback, and how he's approaching the markets right now.  We also ask him for his perspective on the recent protests around the country.  Listen to what he has to say, as there is a lot of great insight and gems of wisdom.

Before that, we analyze the broad market conditions during our Market Skyline.  Markets have held their bullish trends, with the S&P 500 breaking above resistance, the $3000 price level, and 200-period simple moving average.  Can they maintain the bullishness?  We break it all down for you during this weekly segment.

Lastly, we play a game where we guess the best athletes of all time from a list Coach Tim found.  Sports is something we truly love, and any great debate or conversation over who is the best is something we're going to dive right into.  Listen in as we have some laughs and talk about some of the greats.

1:50 Market Skyline
36:15: Jabon Wilson
2:19:20 Best Athletes

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