Trading Justice

In this episode, Coach Greg 'Old Money' Holmes joins us for a conversation about investing, and trading in the markets. Greg started out as a financial advisor in Canada over a decade ago but now focuses on trading his own accounts and teaching others how to do the same. Listen in as Coach Tim and Greg discuss his journey, how he's evolved into the trader he is today, and gain some insight from this veteran trader. 

Before that, the coaches analyze the current market conditions during our weekly skyline. It's going to be a busy week in the markets, as nearly 1/3rd of the S&P 500 will report earnings, including some powerhouse names like Apple, Google, Tesla, Microsoft, and Amazon. Along with earnings, the FOMC will meet this week, and stocks are trading at all-time highs on the 3 biggest indices. Listen in and get prepared for the week in front of you as the coaches analyze all of the price action and news.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Greg, Tim, and Matt to answer a few questions from the Coaches mailbag on how to get started with a small account, the use of sector rotation in trading, and whether trading a few dividend companies exclusively would be a smart approach. 

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In this episode, Coach Tyler Craig discusses the ten guiding investment principles he lives by in an interview with Coach Mark. Listen in for insight regarding retirement planning, investment mindset, account selection, capital allocation, strategy selection, and increasing your probability of success during our feature presentation.

Before that, the coaches analyze the broad market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks are selling Monday, led by cyclical sectors, as all major indexes are in the red. Oil is down big after a technical break, and news regarding an OPEC+ production deal finally getting struck. Listen in as Mark and Tim discuss the current price action and news to give you some insight into the markets this week.

Lastly, Coach Mark asks Tim to pick the best summer blockbuster movies of all time. Whether it's the scenes in Jaws, the speech in Independence Day, or the thrill of Jurassic Park, we all love a good summertime movie. What's the most memorable summer blockbuster you've ever seen?  

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In this episode, the coaches analyze the current market conditions across stocks, commodities, and crypto-currencies. Stocks continue to push all-time highs, as the market remains bullish. This week will be busy from a news perspective, as earnings season begins for the 2nd quarter as companies like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, and Taiwan Semiconductor report, among others. Disney had big results from its movie debut 'Black Widow' over the weekend and reported strong numbers in theatres as well as streaming on Disney+, and Richard Branson takes his first spaceflight on his company Virgin Galactic's successful launch. LIsten in as the coaches analyze all of the news and price action across the markets. 

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In this episode, Coach Matt and Tim discuss the sector performance in the stock markets during the past two decades and discuss how sectors should be classified in terms of aggressive, defensive, growth, and cyclical. Also, we look at how well the sectors did when bull markets were advancing, and how poorly they did when bear markets were declining during the different market cycles between October 2000, til today. Listen in to the conversation regarding sectors, and get Matt and Tim's key takeaways from the historical data and what it means for sectors moving forward. 

Before that, the coaches analyze the current market conditions during this week's skyline. Stocks have been fading higher on light volume during the last week, with Tech leading the way. Crude Oil traded down Monday after OPEC+ failed to reach a deal on output production, While Gold rallied, trading above $1800 for the first time in weeks. Listen in to the coaches discuss the news and price action in this weekly segment. 

2:30 Market Skyline

32:40 Sector Classifications

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