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In this episode, we examine a recently published article that outlined 14 reasons why the market might crash. There seems to be an increasing number of articles on the internet detail all of the reasons why the top might be in for the market. We examine the points laid out in this article with a healthy dose of skepticism. While it is critical to always examine the “other side of the trade” we found the case made here to b somewhat lacking.

Before that, the coaches analyze the market conditions during our weekly skyline. Jackson Hole has come and gone and Matt breaks down Jay Powell’s speech and what it might mean in regards to tapering, tightening and how the market reacted to it. In addition, the coaches discuss the commodities sector and the main stories in the market for the week. ‘

Lastly, Coach Mark pulls a few questions from the Student Mailbag to answer this week. Is AT&T a good stock? How should you handle intraday support? What are the fundamental criteria used for the Tackle 25? These questions were addressed this week.

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In this episode, we welcome Keith King back for a conversation about trading, the Fed, inflation, and more. Keith is a veteran trader of the markets, getting his start on the Boston Stock Exchange in 1985. Keith traded on the floor of the NYSE for decades, has worked with hedge funds and institutions to this day as a consultant, and has trained thousands of traders as a coach and mentor. Keith shares his insights into what is happening now and tells some amazing stories from trading on the floor.

Before that, the coaches analyze current market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks are rallying Monday after the FDA announced Pfizer received full approval for its Covid shot. The Federal Reserve holds its Annual Jackson Hole event this week highlighted by Jerome Powell's speech Friday. Listen in to hear our thoughts regarding price action, the impact of tapering, sector performance, and more. 

Lastly, Coach Mark asks the boys to answer trivia questions all centered around the City of Boston, Coach Keith's hometown, in our weekly game segment. 

1:45 Market Skyline

51:05 Keith King

1:50:05 Boston Trivia

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In this episode, we welcome Jabon Wilson back to the podcast to have a conversation. We talk to Jabon about how he's navigating the markets, credit spreads, options trading, and how it's been teaching his son how to trade. Jabon is a trader, entrepreneur, and leader, and wonderful person to chat with. Listen in as Jabon, Matt, and Tim discuss some of the mistakes we all make when we're new and how to develop patience as a trader over time from our experiences. 

Before that, Mark, Tim, and Matt discuss the current market conditions during our weekly skyline. Stocks traded near all-time highs throughout the past week on most indices. Inflation data was in focus as the CPI and PPI came out last week, and infrastructure talks continued in Washington as the Senate passed a $1.2T bill, sending it to the House. Listen in for analysis regarding the financial markets this week from the coaches. 

Lastly, fall weather has us thinking football and the boys make some NFL predictions about which teams will win each division, conference, and the Superbowl. 

2:05 Market Skyline

34:40 Jabon Wilson

1:30:30 NFL Predictions

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In this episode, Coach Mark sits down with Coach Matt to discuss the Federal Reserve's upcoming tapering program. When the Fed cut short-term interest rates to zero in March 2020, they also started buying treasuries and mortgage-backed securities to the tune of $120B/month. Tapering is the gradual reduction of those purchases, although it doesn't reduce the fed's balance sheet. Listen in to learn more about tapering, what it is, and how it may impact markets moving forward.

Before that, the coaches analyze current market conditions during the weekly skyline. July's jobs report was robust, and the S&P 500 closed at record highs Friday after it was released. The Senate is moving the $1.2T infrastructure bill forward with procedural votes. Coach Matt details some results from a record earnings season, which is winding down. Listen in to gain insight into what's moving the markets this week.

1:40 Market Skyline

46:45 Tapering

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In this episode, Pete Thomas joins the podcast to bring his insight on the current state of the metals market. Whenever Pete and Matt discuss metals and the macro-environment surrounding the metals market it is always a lively and insightful discussion and this time it was no different. Matt and Pete discuss inflation, gold, what Pete is seeing in demand for precious metals, and copper. Pete breaks some news occurring with mining strikes just happening in South America which might impact the supply-demand equation. For commodity enthusiasts, this is an analytical and insightful feature presentation.

Before that, Tim and Mark discuss the broad market conditions in our weekly skyline. Broad markets find themselves in a tight range near all-time highs to start the month of August and Tim and Mark discuss the coming week of earnings and catalysts for the week ahead. Oil is potentially stuck in a range and Bitcoin is potentially showing some signs of life as well. Listen in as Mark and Tim discuss the current price action and news to give you some insight into the markets this week.

Lastly, Pete joins Matt, Tim, and Mark in a fun-spirited game of “Quote This” based on quotes from famous individuals named Pete. Pete Rose had some good lines and there are a surprising number of fictional characters named Pete from Peter Pan to Peter Parker. Listen in to a fun-spirited way to end the podcast.

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