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Welcome to episode 520 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice boys break down everything going on in the market from recession to rate cuts. Markets have not been boring from a storyline perspective lately and the banking crisis has increased the talk of a potential recession. How does Matt and Mark view the potential of a coming recession from a market perspective? How should one tactically potentially play this environment? How to potential risk off events, talk about rate cuts and market positioning play into the tactical backdrop? This a fantastic episode of the podcast as the boys drop analysis and tactical suggestions in droves!!! Matt also discusses the events in the week ahead and the brothers even talk a little NCAA basketball at the end of the show. So sit back, tear up your busted bracket and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!!!

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Jay Powell will be in the spotlight this week as The Fed meets amid market turmoil during its regularly scheduled meeting. We have not heard from Fed officials since the banking crisis unfolded as they have been in their blackout period but that has not stopped rampant speculation on what will occur on Wednesday. Wednesday’s decision (and the Powell press conference after) will have major ramifications for almost every market. Mark asks Matt to break down the possibilities of what could occur, along with the market potential reaction to each scenario. It is a fantastic discussion on the issues The Fed is facing along with the market dynamics at play. For an understanding of what is occurring in the market right now this is a podcast you do not want to miss! So sit back and prepare your favorite Jay Powell drinking game for Wednesday as you listen to episode 519 of the Trading Justice podcast!

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“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria,” well it might not be as bad as the famous Bill Murray Ghostbusters quote but there is a touch of panic in the air in certain areas of the market. It all started last week with the quick collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Matt and Mark break down what has occurred with Silicon Valley Bank and what it means going forward. How bad could the crisis get? Is it similar to the Financial Crisis of 2008? What can we expect out of the Fed in the coming week? Will this trigger a recession? Who are some of the winners and losers potentially out of this crisis? The boys break it all down in a jam-packed episode. So sit back, take a deep breath and realize that dogs and cats living together isn’t such a bad idea in another amazing episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 517 of the Trading Justice podcast where Matt and Mark are joined by Peter Grant from Zaner Precious Metals. Matt and Peter talk about one of our favorite topics…commodities! Matt and Peter discuss gold, silver and copper in a very informative interview. Before the interview in the Market Skyline segment, Matt and Mark discuss the hot topics impacting the market today including The Fed, Jay Powell on Capital Hill, inflation and China. In addition, Mark and Matt discuss what it might take for the market to take another leg down. Both are on the same page on this one. Sit back and enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

Market Skyline: 1:40

Feature: Peter Grant 45:45

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Welcome to episode 516 of the Trading Justice Podcast where Matt and Mark discuss what is working in this market. The broad markets have been selling off the last couple of weeks but that hasn’t meant that there isn’t things that are working in these current market conditions. Cash flow has certainly been working in this environment as the selloff has been quite orderly to this point creating ample opportunities on both side of the cash flow bearish/bullish equation. Matt and Mark discuss the current cash flow environment. What also might be working in coming weeks are commodities as the China reopening/refining of their economy is picking up steam again. Cash flow + commodities…not the worst idea in the world and Matt and Mark discuss this in the podcast. So sit back and watch that theta burn as you enjoy another episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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