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Are you a Tacke Trading Pro Member? If not, today is your lucky day. Every week the coaches at Tackle Trading gather to give Pro Members the run down on all of the financial markets.  Along with that the market update, our coaches pick a trading topic and break it down for our listeners. This week's topic Credit Spreads.  Is the Trump Rally losing steam? If the bear market is upon us are you ready to capitalize on the bearish moves in the market. An all-star cast of Coach Matt, Gino, and special guest appearance Tyler Craig are here to rock your socks off. Become a Pro Member today! After the show, if you aren't already, go to and sign up as a Pro Member. With promo code 'justice15' get 15 days for free on us! If you want to trade like a pro, trade with the pros. Get in the game with Tackle Trading! Click Here to join us at Tackle Trading  
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  Episode 209 is an exactly what new and old readers need to hear. How’s your current daily routine? The TJ podcast wants to share how a pro does their daily routine and makes the most out of every moment of the work day. Efficiency is key! Less time at a computer trading is more time with friends and family.  Also, a market update that will intrigue the even the most senior trader. There seems to be political volatility more now than ever.  Are we on the brink of a bear market? If so how do you protect yourself? Find out here with episode 209 of the Trading Justice Podcast.   Intro: Tim Justice 2:18: Market Skyline 21:55: Feature Presentation (Tips & Tricks) 40:43 Clown of the Week

Tim's Matt's Tips & Tricks

  1. Schedule it in
  2. Automate of Management
  3. Use Heat Map
  4. Use a Perf Chart
  5. Work from a Playbook
  6. Get a Timer
  7. Manage base on weight of delta
  8. Understanding Economic Reports
  9. Theta Target
  10. Manage Strikes ( Know when to hold em', Know when to fold em')
More on weighted Delta Chick Here! Portfolio Protection Insight Click Here!
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The Federal Reserve meets this week to discuss the presumed interest rate hikes. This has plenty of traders on the edge of their seats. What would higher interest rates mean to the everyday citizen? Your Tackle Trading coaches dissect this topic along with much more. Find out how US monetary policy affect our neighbors  around the world. The journey that every trader takes is unique. We have a special guest, Cody Maki, here to share his story. Mr. Maki is a jack of all trades. He is currently in a Master's program at Texas A&M and is a Real Estate investor. Once again, a fantastic show with an amazing guest! Intro: Tim Justice 1:50: Market Skyline (Federal Reserve Speaks) 30:22: Interview with Cody Maki 1:00:23 Coaches Mailbag 1:10:56 Clown of the Week
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Technology continues its boom along with the financial sector this last week. The Market Skyline takes an in-depth look of each of the indexes, forex, and commodities. IPO’s or IP NO’s? Is Snapchat Facebook or AOL? Find out what red flags are with initial public offerings. The Feature Presentation is understanding the forex markets. Gain a better understanding of leverage of currency in the forex market. Also, your coaches cover the different cycles the currency markets go through on a weekly and daily basis. Episode 207 has something for everyone. Enjoy! Intro: Tim Justice
1:27: This Week in the News 3:53: Market Skyline 28:24: Strategy of the Week (Daily Forex Trading) 58:10 Would You Rather? 1:06:15 Coaches Mailbag  1:16:28: Clown of the Week
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podcast Trading Justice is known for invaluable information and comic relief for all new and old listeners alike. Episode 206 is no exception. We’ll take a better look at the Academy Awards, and the Steve Harvey like slip up. And the best movies of the year as seen by the Justice Bros. Also a conversation every father of a young teen needs to hear. Limiting risk and maximizing profit is a goal for most all traders. Our strategy of the week Iron Condor will help you do just that. The Coaches Mailbag also possesses a few gems this week that you won’t want to miss. All this and much much more in episode 206 of the Trading Justice podcast.   Intro: Tim Justice 2:20: This Week in the News 18:15: Market Skyline 32:40: Strategy of the Week (Iron Condor) 1:06:54 Coaches Mailbag 1:18:08: Clown of the Week
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