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Volatility during earnings season is a terrific opportunity to make money in the markets. Episode 235 of the Trading Justice podcast discusses this topic in depth. Special guest Jake Larmour joins Matt and Tim and Justice to inform and enlighten on this and other topics concern the markets. In addition, we are introducing a new feature segment that we think you will enjoy. Pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy this newest edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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1:35: Market Skyline
21:09: In The News
58:41: Feature Presentation 
1:27:25: Coaches Mailbag

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Covered calls are an extremely popular cash flow strategy amongst investors and for good reason. The coaches at Tackle Trading have created a phenomenal list of stocks that are tremendous covered call candidates in their Tackle 25 Covered Call list. Hours upon hours of expert research has been devoted to creating this list and in Episode 234 of the Trading Justice podcast Matt and Tim dive into the creation and components of this useful list of stocks.
In addition, special guest Tyler Craig is here to give his take on the record highs of the market as well as how he’s benefited from the Tackle 25 list. All of this plus the Coaches Mailbag and Market skyline so sit back and enjoy and hour of listening pleasure!

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53:11: Coaches Mailbag


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Friend of the Pod Keith King joins the Trading Justice crew for a look at how the market is responding to both the horrific hurricanes that battered Texas and Florida over the past couple weeks as well as the threat of Nuclear War from Big Kim 3rd…in one word, Bullish. War is bullish, nuclear war is bullish and natural disaster is bullish as long as the central banks around the world keeps tossing money like Money Mayweather.
Sit back and enjoy the latest edition of the Pod where Team Justice analyzes the core markets, discusses how to best approach the depreciating USD, and discusses how Mentors assess what to teach new traders, and potentially the most powerful coaches mailbag ever!!! 

Into: Producer Cam
1:09: Market Skyline
27:16: Feature Presentation
1:33:35: Coaches Mailbag

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In episode 232 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim Justice discuss the importance of incorporating technical analysis in your daily trading routine.

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23:16: Feature Presentation
54:44: Tips & Tricks

In episode 232 of the Trading Justice Podcast Matt and Tim Justice discuss the importance of incorporating technical analysis in your daily trading routine. Matt and Tim discuss the power of technical analysis and share tips and tricks in the development of a daily routine for those that may be organizationally challenged. In addition, Matt and Tim welcome Hector Duenas for a discussion on daily routine and his journey as a trader. Hector is the author of Tackle Trading Morning Market Report and Hector dives into what goes into creating one of Tackle Trading’s most popular reports.

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