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Welcome to episode 563 of the Trading Justice podcast. This episode dives into the thick of earnings season with comprehensive discussions on numerous companies, including the influential "Magnificent 7" and a significant portion of the S&P 500. The Justice boys also analyze crucial economic reports from the week, starting with the treasury report on Monday, moving to the Federal Reserve's key announcements on Wednesday, and wrapping up with labor market insights on Friday. Moreover, the episode provides updates and perspectives on the latest trends in oil, gold, bonds, and bitcoin. Sit back and get ready for the week that is coming at us with another fantastic edition of the Trading Justice podcast.

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In Trading Justice 562, the Justice boys delve into the recent market breakout while addressing concerns about the absence of robust earnings support and limited market breadth. They also examine the implications of a strengthening dollar on market dynamics, shedding light on the potential impact of these factors on traders and investors. In a rapid-fire segment, the hosts provide quick insights on gold, oil, and bitcoin, making this episode an essential listen for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of current market conditions. So, sit back and enjoy another fantastic edition of the TJ pod!

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Welcome to episode 561 of the Trading Justice podcast where Matt and Mark talk markets. Having correctly called the last few weeks as a “theta friendly” environment, where do the brothers see the equity markets heading next? If the market wants to head higher based on an earning theme, then they will have to improve their performance as Matt does not have a stellar grade from what he has seen so far. The brothers break it all down. In addition, the Justice boys discuss a market that has completely gotten the Fed wrong, the potential winners in the new spot-ETF race in Bitcoin, how the middle east tensions could impact the markets and the simple case for gold. A fantastic edition of the podcast that you will not want to miss. So sit back and get ready to be informed and prepared or the coming week with another amazing edition of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 561 of the Trading Justice podcast where the Justice brothers talk earnings. Believe it or not, earnings season is already on our doorstep and comes at an interesting point in the market. The market is lacking narratives and expectations are low for earnings season once again. Matt breaks down all the key numbers and what to look for heading into earnings season and the boys talk about the power of themes and how they can emerge this earnings season. The brothers also break down an interesting start to the year in equities, deep dive into the opportunity developing in oil, and break down all the first week of 2024 action. The eggnog might be put away but grab another beverage of your choosing and get ready for another fantastic episode of the Trading Justice podcast!

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Welcome to episode 559 of Trading Justice, where we delve into the Tackle 25 covered calls watchlists. In this episode, we'll explore the four distinct watchlists that constitute the Tackle 25, including insights into the latest additions to the list. But first, the boys discuss getting back into action after the holiday relaxation and delves into the ongoing tug-of-war over rate cut expectations between the market and the Federal Reserve.

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